Here are the Pokemon Presents Updates

The Pokemon community is a newly released Pokemon ScarletandViolet games which will reveal nine generations. There is no doubt that this is a whole different franchise for a different story. This is for sure, because it is already much excitement. Despite this, today’s Pokemon Presents offers all the major news that shouldn’t be overlooked by other franchises.

The Cafe of Graficle. Credit: Pokemon

Here’s a short list of the Pokemon Presents game announced by each of the franchise’s players:

  • Scarlet & Violet: A New Generation for the New Age, Before Missing the Announcement.
  • Game 7: The Pokemon of the Next Generation on the Season of Alola. He will give you complete details here.
  • Pokemon Masters EX: The Game celebrates its 2.5-year anniversary, and the following features are out there.
    • An estimated 142 trainers have been identified.
    • One new feature: Victory Road where powerful sync couples have been assembled. Sygna Blue, Blue, and Leaf with Complete Victory Road to Take Action.
    • Tomorrow, May and Latias arrive in synch pair with a special anniversary 2022 outfit. Skyla and Tornadus will be arriving at Skylar together, as well as her special anniversary 2022 outfit. Raihan and Flygon are there for the same.
  • Pokemon Cafe ReMix: The announcement of new features and events has been announced.
    • New delivery feature: Pelipper delivers drinks and dishes far away from Pokemon to spread word about your cafe. This will have an introduction to the game.
    • Victini first responders to a pregnancy. It’ll help puzzles.
    • Three events will take place, and they are:
      • Bulbasaur’s Happy Pokemon Day: 7-day log-in bonus, with a special outfit.
      • I believe that Shiny Piplup is just four days for a newcomer to start. It can join your staff.
      • Express delivery: You’ll have free access to an “11x Express Order” item.
  • Pokemon Unified: The new multiplayer game includes a new update.
    • A full-fury battle is coming today.
    • There are special days where you can play single species.
    • The Pokemon Day event will bring Hoopa to the event. It can help a group of friends escape to other locations.
    • There is an event for special fashion items.
    • In a future release, Duraludon was astonished.
  • In the main series, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl for new content appeared, as well as Pokemon Legends: Arceus.
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You can see the full presentation here.

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