Hotfixes: February 25, 2022

There are the top five Hotfixes that cover the World of Warcraft: Warcraft: Shadowlands, Burning Crusades and the WoW Classic. Some of these key words take effect at the moment when they are finished, while others may require a set of realm restarts. Please remember that some issues cannot be solved without a recent tv update from a client. This list is going to be updated with new hotfixes.


Feast 25. 2022


  • Druid
    • Fixed an issue where Ravenous Frenzy (Venthyr Ability) didn’t always add stacks.
  • Warrior
    • Arms
      • When a glitch occurs a Battlebreaker is not always used to attack enemies properly.

Creatures and NPCs are social phenomena.

  • The fall grasses of a problem, the result of which is the spawn of this follicle increased the players’ movement time, instead of decreasing it.

Items and rewards are added.

  • The instructor’s Divine Bell provides his own mastery now over 15 seconds (nine seconds).
    • The developers note that this trinket is where the new versions of the new versions are used.
  • The Shadowlands dungeons of the timetable depend on each region in the next week for the maintenance schedule.
    • Soulletting’s Ruby increased by 15 percent.
      • The Tudal of Putrefaction, the Soulletting Ruby and the Blood-Spattered Scale were part of a group of dungeons that were overbudgeted enough that each new tier of item-level scaling would ensure they were among the best, if not the best, for those classes without question. Our aim here is to keep the viability of our rivals at bay, but to allow for more situational competitors with more time to switch to a gearing choice.
    • Bladedancer’s Armor Kit, his damage increased by 25.
      • Developer note: Bladedancer’s Armor Kit failed to provide the defensive value it promised, even in the case of tanks where you’d expect it to be good, so we’re trying to make it less difficult for you, and more, your situation and class according to where you would consider them.
    • A firefighter, a stifle of diamonds, a regeneration of life and a low-volume reduction to a hundred seconds (less than thirty seconds).
    • It’s about the same time that an in-store armor accumulates at a thousand dollars.
      • Developers note that Pulsating Stoneheart is a long time for snaring yourself of the great downside of mitigating to a position that is not. This is because of the effects that we could put on it.
    • Fixed a problem where the first-class healer from Haste Grant failed to scale the item level.
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  • With weekly maintenance scheduled next week in each region, the 3-day quest “Saturns Within Patterns” is a weekly quest, and both its completion requirements and rewards will be increased to suit the same rhythm.
    • We find that a full week duration, as well as the proportionate cost of cosmic flux and other rewards, is a better way to win the prize. We hope this change brings up some concern that some players have had it over multiple times a week.
  • The Cache of the Cache for the Ability to Become A World Closer to the Beginning of the Cache.
  • In the highmountain scenario for the battle, killing Fel Champion Gargath shouldn’t be a stop-advancing situation.

February 24, 2022.


  • Tales of the Exile will now track credit more reliably. Characters who have already completed the Portions and who do not receive the credit will receive their next login on these portions.
  • This raised an issue that prevented the Soloist title from being won by the SFPS before it was crowned the Supreme Soloist.


  • Druid
    • Balance
      • Fixed an issue where the Ravenous Frenzy (Venthyr Ability) issued an additional stack of simultaneous casts (ie Stamped Roar giving an additional stack for both the cast and form change).
      • Empowerment from a much lower stat to your partner, which gave you a Kindred Affinity.
  • Hunter
    • The Brax of the Bleed Effects (Runecarving Power) will no longer be applied to the targets that crowd control aroused by a stunt that can kill damage.
  • Mage
    • Fixed an issue that could not be displaced from the player’s Radiant Spark.
  • Priest
    • Shadow
      • Fixed an issue where Shadowform would be able to interact with Chests in Zereth Mortis.
  • Warlock
    • Fixed a problem where casting Grimoire of the Sacrifice: Seduction (Talent) on another player would immediately break and not clear damage over time.

Creatures and NPCs are those whose characteristics are similar.

  • Added a problem where map markers for rares would continue to appear after being looted for the day.
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The First and First of all had an appearance.

  • Fixed a problem with Fugueal Protolock that allowed players to click on the cleared nodes, causing the Protolock to be incompletable.
  • This is because the quest began when the First Fugueal Protolock was triggered.

A mansion is a man.

  • The family of the naive persecution plagued.
    • Fixed an issue where the player had some abilities to get armed with, before the last group of enemies began to reset.

Infrastructures and reward items.

  • Shadowlands Season 3 for The Great Vault has been updated with a revamped realm for the stock threshold.
    • The First Raid Boss victory needs three wins now.
    • In the second row, Raid Boss now requires 6 victories in battle.
    • The third Raid Boss match required 8 victories (after 10).
      • Developer’s Note: The First Ones raid on the Structure of these Thresholds will not be a raid, especially if they move from one attempt to another until they have trouble.
    • The Third Mythic + Vault requires eight completed dungeons (10).
    • The third PvP Vault now requires 5500 Honor Rated PvP (6250).
      • The developers note that some of the more attainable goals are even when it comes to getting involved with highly skilled players.
  • Fixed a problem where players could win a large number of prizes with the ability to buy a Mythic Keystone until the following week. If you don’t receive the Mythic Keystone, you can speak to Ta’hsup in the Oribos Hall.
  • Fixed a problem that caused an unknown treasure to fall into a pillar.

Players will choose to win, the winner will.

  • In Zereth Mortis, “A Against Overwhelming Odds” for a quest for honorable death leads.
  • Druid
    • Restoration
      • The Moon’s Peace (Talent) prevents knockbacks from causing the death of a flutter.
  • Priest
    • Holy
      • If the Spirit is used in conjunction with the afterlife, then Priests will now have their spirit and not return to life.
  • Shaman
    • Enhancement
      • Whenever you use a tool, the tool will only work if it’s done by a player to do it at any cost.


  • Fixed an issue where Xy agents could sometimes not be targeted during the quest, “Do you do this? ”
  • In response to the quest “Ready to Riot”, Vulpera Slaves in the Quest “Ready to Riot” always give their liberators a free hand when recalling the quest, and once again accept the help of alligators.
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In a man-made bombshell, a bomb explodes.

  • Adamant Vaults layer 1316 is now also an Anima winner.

23. February 2022


  • Priest
    • Fixed an issue that caused Shadow Word: Death only suffered 50% off all bonuses but 150% off those losses. However, the aims were lower to 20-20% to keep alive.
  • Warlock
    • Pacts Forged with Your Incubus or Succubus Will Survive Death and Other Obstacles.
    • A Pity made a remarkable The Summon Sayaad Quest, Where You Sayaad, If Not Available The Warlocks Succubus were Transformed via a Glyph.


  • Earning the Recollections 79 and 80 Can Now Become Any Source of Richness, rather than the Re-Examined Elasty or Shaping Fate.

Creatures and NPCs are a cult.

  • The searching group icon will now appear for players trying to complete the world quest to defeat Antros.

The item or the prize is not a surprise.

  • Here’s a look at Zereth Mortis:
    • Cypher-Bound Chest is a chaste.
    • Mawsworn Supply Hemisphere has been occupied by the men.
    • Tarachnid Eggs
    • Avian Nest
    • Discarded automa scrap.
    • Forget the treasure.
  • The Firim spawns instantly.
  • Fixed an issue in which a tooltip such as Shard of Domination would not exist.
  • Reacting with Lore Concordances does not make an all-out vision.


  • Annelid-ilation the world quest for annelids spawn faster.

Damned Tower of Targhast Tower.

  • Anima Powers
    • Priest
      • Power is increasing now with all the affected spells costing no mana.
      • Power accumulated now forces immediately fall to Mind Blast and Holy Fire.
      • Prolonged Infusion has a power whack.

February 22, 2022

Goods and rewards.

  • The new cosmetic weapons in Zereth Mortis have been added to the Bind on Account so players can send them to the old and unlocked:
    • Protoflora Harvester
    • Protomineral Extractor
    • Mawsteel’s American sword is a thorn in the star.
    • Percussive Maintenance Instrument.


  • Fixed a problem where there was an additional point of interest indicator in the minimap, The Burrowed Bufonid.

Here are the previous patch for the hotfix notes.

A source is Blizzard.

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