How many episodes of One Piece Are There? Answered


Now that we’ve broken down the air date of the first episode of One Piece, we’re going to tackle another important fact about the anime. In honor of the manga’s 25th anniversary, we’re covering it How many episodes of One Piece are there?

How many episodes of One Piece Are There?

As of today, if you tally the already aired episodes, One Piece is on episode 1,013. That’s right, one thousand and thirteen episodes of The One Piece Anime are officially out in the wild. Furthermore, the series is currently on its 20th season with the launch of episode 892 and beginning in July 2019.

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1,013 Not even the final episode, either. Episode 1,014 is set to be released on April 17 with episode 1,015 a week later on April 24. It should be noted that these are Japanese / sub-air dates. At the time of writing, The One Piece dub – available through Funimation – Has Only Reached Episode 782, Which Is A Near Gap.

In other massive numbers, the 25th anniversary is a finished manga for celebration. The manga is still going to this day. The 102nd volume was released in Japan just a week ago.

That’s all there is to know How many episodes of One Piece are there?. If You Haven’t Got Time To Stream 782 Episodes Of One Piece, You Can Watch One Of The Movies, Episode Of Alabasta, Right Now On Netflix. All 1,013 episodes, maybe take our One Piece quiz that promises to be the hardest ever.

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Featured image source: Toei Animation.

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