How Many Main Missions Are There in Stranger of Paradise


Missions of near-infinite replayability for Stranger of Paradise, but you may be wondering how to make your way through the game. We’re here with a list before the main missions, Stranger of Paradise You can really start maxing out your character.

How Many Main Missions Are There in Stranger of Paradise

There are 22 main missions to play before the story Stranger in Paradise. Don’t worry, there are some spoilers to be found in the mission titles, and this way you can get a handle on where the story is.

  • A Desperate Struggle
  • Journey’s End at Illusion
  • In Memories
  • A New Journey of the Dawn
  • The Journey Begins
  • Dark Elf with Audience
  • Natural Distortion
  • A Familiar Place
  • Wind of Memories
  • Memories of Poison
  • Memories of Fire
  • The Past of the Phantoms
  • Earth of Memories
  • To Remember
  • Memories of Water
  • The False Warriors
  • Pastor of the Schemes
  • Remembering Home
  • The Suffering of Fools
  • Paradise of Strangers
  • Calamity of Warriors
  • A Fraught Journey
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It should be noted that In New Memories and Dawn of the New Journey are full missions. Still, all of these – with the exception of A Fraught Journey – can be replayed as much as you want.

The Final Mission Sits at a Mission Level of 118. When You Look at It Chaos Difficulty, The First Mission Has a Mission Level of 130, So You Want to Grind to a Lower Problem at Later Missions equipment level more than yourself.

Chaos is definitely not a joke, though, and it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you’re struggling, it might help you read up on how many potions work and if you can increase the max potion limit.

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And there you have it, all of the The main missions you can find in Stranger of Paradise. Be sure to keep checking back as we get more guides as the Strangers of Paradise release gets closer.

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