How to Change Race & Roll in Reaper 2

Reaper 2 is a Roblocks anime game based on the anime and manga series Bleach. There are different races like Soul Reaper, Halo and Quincy and to change the race, you have to reroll for it. Here’s how to change & reroll the races in Reaper 2.

How to change & reroll the race in Reaper 2

You are born into a game with a specific race, but if you do not like it, there are some ways to change your race in Reaper 2:

  • Spend 250 Robux.
  • Use the Reaper 2 code that gives you free rerolls.
  • Spend $ 5000 cash.

How to change race with codes?

This is the easiest and most obvious way to change races in Reaper 2. Discover the latest working codes in us Guide to Reaper 2 codes Here and redeem them. Whenever new codes are released, we add them there so you have more chances to spin in the race without spending Robux.

How to get Race Reroll with Robux?

  • Open yours Menu By Pressing the M key On your keyboard.
  • Scroll down and you will see Dev Products Button.
  • Click on it, and then click Reroll Race (Will reset all your data).
  • A pop-up for 250 Robux Appears and you can pay this amount to reroll and change your race.
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Where should cash be spent for a race reroll?

  1. You need to meet specifically NPC name is F33NY Who will allow you to make 1 race reroll with $ 5000 cash?
  2. You can meet him Central Karakura. Head Bridge From South Caracura and walk all the way forward.
  3. Keep walking until you see Billboard of Chlorox And Interact with NPC.
  4. He tells you about the race reroll and if you have enough funds you can click on it Roll Race Selection. If not, click on the No Thanks or What Else options.

What is the Race of Rarity in Reaper 2?

  • Soul Reaper – 50%
  • Hollow – 35%
  • Quincy – 15%
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As you can tell, the options for rerolling are expensive (apart from the choice of free codes). So go ahead only if you are absolutely sure that you are ready to go through multiple spins to get the race you want.

That’s all there is to how to change the race in Reaper 2. If you want to know How to get Soul Nodes Also, we have covered you.

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