How To Change Skins In Minecraft

How do you change skins in Minecraft? There are so many cool skins out there, lets you spin this famous open-world crafting game like the ones you love, Spider-Man? There are skins for it. Master Chief? Reporting. The sky is the limit, and you do not even need Minecraft modes for it to work.

The first thing is, you need to know what version of Minecraft you are playing. The differences between Minecraft Java and Bedrock are subtle, but in one of them you can go much deeper into how to change skins. The new integrated Minecraft launcher makes it very easy to change skins with Minecraft Java, but things are a little different for Minecraft bedrock skins, especially if you do not play on a PC.

You first need to find something to create your avatar. Check out our favorite Minecraft skins to see our top options for favorite skins, as well as download links to where to find PNG files. If you are brave, you can even try to create your own. Here’s everything you need to know about changing skins in Minecraft.

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How To Change Skins In Minecraft

To change your skin in Minecraft Java Edition‌, follow these steps:

  • Open the launcher
  • Select Minecraft Java Edition
  • At the top of the center section, select ‘Skins’
  • Select an existing skin in your library or click ‘Add Skin’
  • If you add new skin, you can name it in the text field, and then upload the .PNG file from your computer
  • Click ‘Save & Use’ if you want to use it immediately, otherwise ‘Save’ will add it to your library.

You can go to the official Minecraft website, go to Main Menu> Profile> and upload the PNG file there.

The section of the Minecraft Launcher interface allows you to change the skins

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How To Change Skins In Minecraft Bedrock

The Minecraft Bedrock Edition maintains a different skin concept than the Java Edition. It is still possible to import PNG files that you find online on PC, but there is also a very powerful character editor.

To import skin into Minecraft Bedrock, follow these steps:

  • From the launcher, launch the Minecraft Bedrock Edition
  • Click ‘Profile’ from the main menu
  • Select what skin you want to change and select ‘Edit Character’
  • Go to the second tab on the left and click on ‘Ond’
  • If you have already imported anything, you can select them here, otherwise click ‘Import’
  • Upload the PNG file as you did for the Java Edition
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If you’ve been on a console or mobile, you’re stuck with Bedrock Edition Character Creator. On the bright side, it’s technically more flexible than what you get by uploading a skin file that allows you to customize the personal aspects of your avatar. The problem is that many better options have to be purchased or unlocked by Wins.

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No matter what edition you are using, now you know how to change skins in Minecraft. Why not take your new well-dressed avatar by browsing online at some great Minecraft servers or exploring some of the best Minecraft seeds?

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