How to change the climate in Minecraft

The weather in Minecraft changes the conditions under which you can do different things, but what if you can change the climate to suit your preferences? This is possible with weather orders. With the help of this command, you can change the atmosphere of the game to rain, thunder or clear. If you do not know how to do this, our guide How to change the climate in Minecraft Will help you.

How to use the weather command in Minecraft to change the weather?

How to use Weather-Command-in-Minecraft

You can easily change the weather in Minecraft by using the / weather command along with the weather conditions in the chat. Here’s how it looks:

  • / The weather is clear: It converts the atmosphere into a clear atmosphere. So, if it rains or thunders, it immediately stops and the sky turns blue.
  • / Weather rain: As the name suggests, this Minecraft console command rains down on the game. In the case of snow biomes, rain looks like snow.
  • / Weather thunder: It will cause thunder in the game if you like at that time.

This will work if the cheats are activated. If not, you can do this by toggling “Allow Cheats: On”. You get this option when you create a new world and select settings for it.

How to use weather command

You must copy the weather commands from above and paste them into specific boxes / menus. Here’s how to do it on each platform:

  • PC (Windows 10): Press the T button to bring up the chat box and paste any weather commands in Minecraft to get the specific weather. The same process for this Java, Mac and Education Edition.
  • For consoles: You need to press D-Pad to bring up the chat where you can type the console command. So, customers Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch Consoles can do this to easily change the environment in Minecraft.

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