How To Download Genshin Impact For PC and Mobile devices [Download Link Available]

genshin impact

Genshin Impact is released on 28 September 2020 worldwide. This game is support on many devices like PS4, PC, Android, and iOS. It is gacha based game. Basically, it is free to play, open-world action RPG based on the fantasy genre. In Genshin Impact, the base story is based on one traveler that is searching for lost siblings. Travelers search for siblings all around the world. The character washes up on the shores of Teyvat and the story starts from there.

This game provides one unique gameplay system that provides an intriguing story which is like gacha gameplay. With these features, many other main and side quests will be available. Along with that this multiplayer game is also launched on the Windows PC platform, along with a PS4 and mobile. In this game, players can choose 30+ companies along with four players. If you want to install this game then first check system configuration for PC as well as a mobile device as below:

Minimum PC Requirements For Genshin Impact

List of minimum requirements for PC is below for this game :

Recommended PC Requirements For Genshin Impact

List of recommended requirements for PC is below for this game :

 Minimum configuration for Android and iOS

For android users, the minimum system requirement is Android 8.1. and for iOS, it is iOS 9.0 or later. This game is available on Google play store as well as Apple store. For storage requirement for this game is 8 GB that is minimum. If you have more than 8 GB then it is great.

Download Genshin Impact

This game is available for PS4, PC, Android, and iOS platforms. To download this game consider below links respected to device :


Game Play

It is an online multiplayer game rather than a solo game. They are creating a different world for every player that gamer wants to play. Players can choose one of them. In this game, one player can invite other players in own world. Another player who receives this invitation can join this world. After leaving other player’s world, they can continue party where they left. It’s like a checkpoint for all players.

This game also supports a cross-play platform means if you stop the game on mobile and start on your PC then you can continue your game where you left. Mobile which will allow people to join each other even with different versions of the game. Inventors have added lots of characters to choose from inside the game. So players can choose any of these characters.

Genshin Impact 1.5 leaks

A new popular character named Bhaizu will be introduced in the new update 1.5 version. This Genshin Impact 1.5 leak has been one of the most talked-about topics recently. No official announcements from the makers roll out but still, rumors are spread among the players. Apart from rumors, there are many numbers of data miners that confirmed the new character Bhaizu will introduce into the new version. Every player is excited to play with this new character.

Player spending in Genshin Impact has been an average of around $160 million per month since December, and in March so far it has already crossed $148 million, Sensor Tower said. Genshin Impact is available on PS4, iOS, Android, and PC, but it’s the most popular on mobile raking $233.7 dollar.