How To Fall 10 Stories Without Taking Damage In Fortnite


Damage taken without Fall 10 Stories‘Is One of the Week 5 Seasonal Quests Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2and in this guide, we’ll be talking about how to complete it easily.

This is the challenge when looking for players who will automatically eliminate the damage and let alone damage. As such, there’s a knack for completing this challenge.

First, head over to the IO Aircraft for a map of the different locations. There’s one above Tilted Towers, one at Command Cavern and another at Coney Crossroads, among others.

When you get here, look for the Jetpack on the top floor of the IO Aircraft. They’re attached to the wall by the doorways leading outside. We’ve got a Fortnite Jetpack locations guide, one you should be struggling to find, too.

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Fortnite in an IO aircraft off the wall on a jetpack

Once you’ve got a Jetpack, head to a body of water. The river running through the map, or any of the lakes are perfectly fine to use here.

Now use your Jetpack to fly as high as you can, and then let yourself fall into the water below. The water will cushion your landing, preventing you from taking damage. As long as you can use your Jetpack to get as high as you can, you may have 10 stories of falling and Fortnite taking damage.

10 damage without falling stories

As soon as you land in the water, you’ll get the 20,000 XP for the Week 5 Season Quest. You can check out more of our Fortnite guides, including where to find The LMG, How To Complete The Lantern Trials, and How To Unlock Prowler. We’ve even included a handy list of our most recent Fortnite coverage below.

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