How to Find Margits Smirks in Elden Ring

Elden Ring kicks off its classic Soulslike Challenges almost immediately, when players stumble upon the first game’s teller, Margit the Fell Omen.

This battle is extremely difficult for older players as the manager has a strange tempo to attack and very many options. Even if you take a fight, it’s in its second phase.

Given this, any help is worth considering. However, there are a few other things you can learn to do. Margits Shackle is a usable item that can attack the boss, and damage you can do quite easily. Here’s how to get you on the move.

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How To Get The Elden Ring In Margits Shackles?

The image is via FromSoftware.

To get a good haircut on the Margits Shackle, you should head over to the Murkwater Cave which is located in the Limgrave ravine. If you go north this peak, you’ll find the entrance to the cave.

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With a torch, navigate through the cave; And as you progress, when you fight enemies, I stumble to a new boss battle with Patches, a recurring merchant in FromSoftwares.

If you take Patches to half health, don’t damage them. If you let her sit on the ground, she would eventually ask you to spare him. Do it and turn it into a merchant that you can buy. One of them is Margits Shackle.

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This item will cost 5000 runses so be careful and re-read this before patches. If you buy the item, then you can take Margit the Omen.

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