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How To Fix Apple “A Server With Specified Hostname Could Not Be Found” Error


Connecting to the Internet Whenever that happens, you likely see the “A server with a specific hostname could not be found” error. We’re here to help you solve your problem.

How To Fix Apple “A Server With Specified Hostname Could Not Be Found” Error

The first thing to find out is “A Server With Specified Hostname Could Not Be Found” error is that Apple’s servers with a problem. If this is a server issue, your only real solution is to wait for Apple to rectify the issue. In this instance, your best bet is to go to the Apple support system status page. If you’re looking for a red triangle that isn’t working for you, it’s not just a problem limited to your device.

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However, if this is happening any other time and that same page does not tell you that your problem is server-side, there are a couple of things you can try.

Dig into your settings menu and navigate to your Wifi connections. From here, turn off your Wifi and wait a short time after turning it on. It’s a simple and obvious solution, but it’s always a good place to start.

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If you didn’t do the trick, force close the app that is giving you the error. To do this, swipe up your iPhone and pause at the middle of the screen before removing your finger. All these apps are currently active on your phone. Close the app is giving you trouble. Thoughts, it can hurt and even close all the apps you have running, just to avoid any conflict.

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If you are still experiencing the same trouble, restart or power cycle your iPhone is prompted when turning it off, then wait a minute before turning it on.

Another solution a user in 2019 The iPhone 7 was to be removed and reinsert your SIM card, but that shouldn’t have been attempted.

Hopefully, this has solved your problem, and your device is behaving the way you expect it to. This has been everything you need to know fix the “A Server With Specified Hostname Could Not Be Found” Apple error code.

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