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How To Fix God Of War Crashing On PC

God of War is out for PC but unfortunately, it is crashing for a lot of players. The 2018 Game of the Year winner of God of War was developed by Santa Monica Studios and published by PlayStation PC LLC. Earlier this game was exclusive to PlayStation but this game has been waiting a long time to come on PC. Sadly the game came with its own problems. So in this guide we will see how to solve God of War crashing, stuttering, log, freezing and black screen issues on PC.

God of War How to deal with crashing, log, stuttering and freezing

God of War PC Crashing Fix

Below are solutions you can try to fix issues like God of War crash, stuttering, log, black screen, freezing and more for PC. If one solution does not work, try the next solution until your game starts working properly.

  • Restart your PC: Restarting your PC is the most basic and harmless solution. Press Alt + F4 On your keyboard and Select Restart. You can do this too Clicking on the Windows icon At the bottom left of your screen. Later, Click on the power icon And Select Restart. Try playing the game again after your PC restarts to see if you are still getting crashes.
  • Run the game as an administrator: Many times running the game as an administrator fixes crash issues. Right-click on the God of War icon and Select Run as Administrator. If this works, you can set the game to always run as an administrator by right-clicking on the game icon and Selecting features. Click on Compatibility Tab. Here, in the Settings section, you can find Run this program as an administrator option. Check it out And then Click Apply And Choose OK.
  • Disable antivirus: Antiviruses work by constantly running so you do not have to look for any malware or virus infiltration on your PC. This may help improve the security of our PC, but it will slow it down due to the process running at all times. So you can fix it by disabling the antivirus while playing the game. You can restart it after your gaming session is over.
  • Verify Game Files: You may be experiencing a crash with God of War because some files are corrupted. You can easily fix this by verifying the file integrity.
    • Check file integrity on Steam:
      1. Turn on the steam.
      2. Click on the library, on the left you will see all your games.
      3. Right click on God of War And Select features.
      4. Click on Local Files section On the left and Select Verify the integrity of the game files.
    • Check file integrity in Epic Games:
      1. Open Epic Games
      2. Go to your library and click on it Three dots On the lower left of God of War.
      3. Here Select Verify.
    • Once the files have been verified and repaired, try playing the game and the crash will be fixed.
  • Update your graphics drivers: You can update your graphics drivers by downloading them from Nvidia or AMD official sites. Remember to update them because it helps not only with God of War but also with other games.
  • Set Task Manager Priority: Giving the game a high priority from your task manager can help make it work better.
    1. Open the Task Manager.
    2. Click on Details tab.
    3. Here Right click on God of War And select Priority set.
    4. Set a high priority From this list of options.
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These solutions help stop crashes. If God of War is still crashing, you should try to contact the developers or wait for the release of an update that fixes this issue.

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It covers this guide on how to fix God of War crashing, stuttering, log, freezing and black-screen issues for PC. If your game starts working, check out our guide How to beat Cara. And if you still have problems running, you should check Minimum PC requirements for God of War To check if your system is compatible with the game.

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