How to Fix Valorant VAN 1067 Error Code


Many Valorant players have had a pesky error code that has been upgraded after Windows 11. Thankfully, there is a solution, but it’s quite involved, so here we are. how to fix Valorant VAN 1067 Error Code If you’re struggling to work it out.

How To Fix VALORANT VAN 1067 Error Code

How to Fix Valorant VAN 1067 Error Code

Again, the VAN 1067 Error Code is likely to be installed after installing Windows 11. Rebooting Your Computer and then Altering Startup Settings Follow these steps:

  1. Reboot your PC, then enter Bios. This is usually done by pressing F10 or F12 or a combination of the two / specific sequence according to your PC specifications.
  2. With Bios open, activate Secure Boot. This can be found by entering Advanced Options, then Boot Options, then selecting Secure Boot.
  3. From Secure Boot, select the Window UEFI Mode Option, or whichever UEFI option is available.
  4. Now boot your PC as normal. Then once you’re in Windows, press Windows Key, then R, and type Services.msc into the text box.
  5. Look for a service named ‘vgc’ and select Start from the right-click menu.
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This is a fix, but if it still persists then you may, unfortunately, have to consider reverting to Windows 10.

That is all the information we have about how to fix Valorant VAN 1067 Error Code. For more guides on the game, search Twinfinite. We also have a guide covering other Valorant Error Codes, which you can find here.

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