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How to Get a Moon Knight in Fortnite


Moon Knight has arrived in Fortnite and chances are if you got this page you will be wondering how to get the latest addition to Marvel’s roster of cinematic superheroes to your in-game Locker. Well, in this guide, we’ll run you through How To Get The Moon Knight In Fortnitebut be warned, it’s gonna cost you.

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How to Get a Moon Knight in Fortnite

Moon Knight can be purchased from The Item Shop at Fortnite for 1500 V-Bucks, which equates to about $ 15. Specifically, you’ll find the Superhero under the ‘Featured’ section of the Item Shop, accessed by the scrolling right to the top of the store.

Moon Knight in Fortnite Item Shop

For your V-Bucks, you’ll get the standard Moon Knight skin and his cape. The skin also comes with three styles – Moon Knight with Cape, Moon Knight without Cape, and Mr. Knight. You can see the third and most drastically different style of Fortnite Moon Knight skin below.

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Mr.  Moon Knight for Knight style

As long as you’ve got the V-Bucks, you can go ahead and press the ‘Purchase’ button after selecting Moon Knight from the Item Shop. This will then deduct the Fortnite currency from your balance and automatically add the skin to your Locker.

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That’s all you need to know Fortnite in Moon Knight. If you’re looking to further bolster your selection of superheroes in Fortnite, you can check out our guide on How to Get a Prowler, too.

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