How to Get an Elden Ring in Lion’s Claw


If you’re a huge Artorias fan from The Dark Souls Days, this is an Ash of War that you’ll definitely want to check out. Wars of Ashes are basically weapon weapons from Dark Souls III, but in the Elden Ring, they provide players with more flexibility to equip them with almost any weapon they want. Here’s How to Get The Elden Ring in Lion’s Claw Ash of War.

Getting the Elden Ring in Lion’s Claw

Lion’s Claw is an Ash of War that can be obtained from a drop from Caelid in a Lion Guardian enemy. Head to the Fort Gael in Caelid, which is just south of Rotview Balcony. We’ve listed its location in the map screenshot down below.

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elden ring in the map on fort gael location

The Fort itself is locked, so go around the corner and hop onto the tree branch leading to a ledge, where you’ll find a ladder going up.

Once there, you’ll find a front gate near the Lion Guardian loitering area. We recommend clearing out the soldiers first before engaging the Lion Guardian with a pretty tricky foe deal. After killing it, you’ll automatically receive a reward as Lion’s Claw Ash of War.

elden ring in lion's claw ash of war

What It Does

This Ash of War can be affixed to almost all melee weapons, including colossal weapons, as long as they’re not unique. The Lion’s Claw elects you to somersault forwards with your weapon on the ground, which is a move that is very reminiscent of the Knight Artorias boss fight in Dark Souls. It costs 20 FP to use, and also grants the heavy affinity to build a strength you are looking for.

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Just like any other Ash of War game, you can equip it at a site of Grace, or by talking to Hewg at the Roundtable Hold.

That’s all you need to know about How To Get The Elden Ring In The Lion’s Claw. Be sure to check out our guide for more tips and information on the game.

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