How to Get and Use Launch Tube Fireworks Gadgets at Gene Shine Impact?

The Lantern ritual program Brings a lot of rewards Genshin effect Players can complete quests and get them. Along with these a few other elements & mechanics are introduced. One such item is the Launch Tube (Fireworks) gadget in Genshine Impact. This is a fireworks launcher, where you can create custom fireworks and release it into the sky. At the Lantern Right event, you must create some fireworks to complete the FlamePlum StarFlowers Quest. In this guide, I will show you How to Get & Use the Launch Tube Fireworks Gadget in Genshine Impact.

How to Get & Use the Launch Tube (Fireworks) Gadget in Genshine Impact

Launch tube in Genesine Impact

Here’s how you can get and use the Launch Tube (Fireworks) gadget in Genshine Impact.

How to get the Launch Tube gadget

The launch tube is retrieved through the gadget The Blazing Stars Ring in Fortune Story Quest. In order to play Story Quest, you must Adventure Rank 28 or higher To play in Genshin Impact Transient colors on the plane Incident. You will also need to complete Chapter I: Act III – The new star arrives & Chapter: Act I – Crane Returns On the air Archon Quests. If these conditions are satisfied, you can The Blazing Stars Ring in Fortune Quest.

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In search, you will go Using terrace And talking Ningguang. Once you have completed the conversation with her, you will be sent to it Liyue Fireworks Stall And then talk Keking In Jenshin Impact. It continues Pengi, Ningguang & Pymon. Once the dialogs are complete, you will have the Launch Tube Fireworks gadget Inventory. Now you need to use it.

How to use the Fireworks Gadget

Product challenges under the influence of genshin

After you get your launch tube, Place on the floor. You can do this by going into yourself Inventory And selecting the Launch Tube Fireworks Gadget in Genshine Impact. Once it Placed Down, you get two options, Smelt fireworks & Get ready to get started. Select Smelt Fireworks to make the fireworks to start. After selecting it, a menu Product challenges Appears. Select one of them and it will open a page where you can create fireworks.

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On the side, there are 3 parameters, viz Color, size, height. Depending on how much of each parameter is required, you may need to design it to a specific mark. You can create them by selecting Crafting Techniques On the right. There are many crafting techniques, each of which consumes a different amount Endurance points. Once you have selected your technique, single craft it until you reach the mark for each parameter. After that, click Complete smelting Once you are done and you have created Firework for the Launch Tube Gadget in Genshine Impact.

How to start fireworks

Now to launch the fireworks from the launch tube, Put it againAnd then select Get ready to get started Selection. Just now Choose fireworks You want to burn in Genshin Impact and set up the timer options, i.e. Repeat set-off (rounds), fireworks set-off interval (seconds), fireworks set-off delay (seconds), & Delay between rounds (seconds). After that just click Start getting started And take a few steps back. Now you can sit back and watch the newly created fireworks launch into the sky and explode in stunning colors and designs.

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It’s all about getting & using the Launch Tube gadget to launch FireWorks in GeneShine Impact. Hopefully, this guide helped you. You can also check out our guides How to get Sakura Bloom In Jenshin Impact.

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