How to get Emeralds in ASTD World 2

Roblox All Star Tower Defense has released a huge update that brings the second world to the game. This area is for high level players who are looking to test their skills. With the new world comes a new currency known as Emeralds. The ability to obtain Emeralds is a bit unclear, but don’t worry because we’ll be telling you all about them in this guide.

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Emeralds Guide

To get Emeralds in ASTD, you can play in Infinite Mode, exchange Gems for them, play the Story Mode, purchase with Robux, and complete Daily Tasks. The biggest hurdle to having access to them though is that you need to be level 100 and playing in World 2!

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As mentioned, you can’t get Emeralds unless you are level 100 and have entered into World 2. Once you have met that requirement, you will be able to collect Emeralds and will have access to the Z-Banner at the Summon shop, which will allow you to purchase chances to get higher value units.

Playing in Infinite Mode might be the best way to farm Emeralds for free right now. For every 10 waves you complete, you will earn some Emeralds. The higher you go, the more you will earn for clearing that set of 10. You can do this for each of the mode types, and it appears that you can repeat this each day.

To exchange Gems for Emeralds, you will need to go to the Mystery Man NPC who can be found in the Shop Area in World 2. You will get 25 Emeralds for every 50 Gems that you exchange. If you don’t need any of the units that require Gems, then this is a great option for you to get Emeralds.

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Here’s a video showing where to go to find the NPC:

Playing the Story Mode in World 2 will get you Emeralds when you complete one of the levels for the first time!

Just like with Gems, you will have a chance to earn Emeralds when you complete Daily Tasks. These will refresh each day, so make sure you get them done so you can get all of the freebies you can!

The fastest way to get Emeralds is going to be by purchasing with Robux. Here’s a breakdown of how much it will cost you in the game if you want to spend the premium currency:

  • 50 Emeralds – 80 Robux
  • 180 Emeralds – 250 Robux
  • 375 Emeralds – 400 Robux
  • 825 Emeralds – 800 Robux
  • 1,800 Emeralds – 1,600 Robux
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If you are short on Robux and really want some Emeralds, we have a post about how to get Robux for free. These are completely legitimate methods, which means that it will take a while to get them.

That’s everything we know about getting Emeralds in Roblox All Star Tower Defense. Be sure to check out the ASTD section of our site for more details on the game.

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