How to get layered dresses in Roblocks with link?

Roblox has introduced a new 3D dress mechanism where you can combine different outfits one on top of the other. These clothes are suitable for any dual role role and vary according to different body shapes. This feature is currently in beta for developers to test and implement in their games. So even though this feature is not yet open to players, here is an alternative on how to get Roblocks layered clothing with the link.

Edit # 2: Many users report that this method is now patched up.
Edit # 1: We have no confirmation from the official Roblox if this method leads to user account ban. So SharkBlox recommends that you try this only on your secondary account (or make a new one to test this feature).

To help you get this method, we will link the step-by-step video from the YouTube channel Sharkblocks And also specify the steps here for easy access. You will also need at least 1 Robox for each of these layered dress items. So, here’s how to get a Roblocks layered dress with a pastebin link:

  • Go Roblocks Avatar Shop
  • Press “View all items”
  • Sort items “Recently updated”
  • In the filter, under “Creator”, Select Roblox
  • Then click “Show” Under “Items not available”
  • Or click on it Link To see all Roblox layered outfits
  • You will now see the 3D outfit
  • Click on the garment of your choice and open it
  • Right click on the green color “Buy” Button
  • Select “Check”
  • Find the line that says “Data-product-id =”
  • Copy the product code after the equivalent to sign now
  • Click Now “Console” And paste the code here for now
  • Then go for it Pastebin link
  • Copy the bottom line or from the postbin page:

Get (“”,{body:JSON.stringify({ globalexpectedCurrency”: 1, “expectedPrice”: 1, “expectedSellerId”: 1 ), Type: ”POST”, Credentials: “Included”, Headers: {“Content-type”: ”application / json”, ”x-csrf-token”: Roblox.XsrfToken.getToken ()})

  • Paste back in this code “Console” Tab
  • Cut out the product ID code and paste it “PRODUCT_ID_HERE”
  • When done, refresh the page
  • This item is now available in your inventory
  • It will also remove 1 Robux from your account
  • Now prepare your new 3D garment
  • Now only selected games have layered outfit enabled
  • Sharkblocks Indicates “Natural Disaster Survival”
  • Start the game and the new property will load
  • Here is one Pastebin link To buy all layered cloths at once
  • All in all, enjoy the new beta feature
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Here is the original video from SharkBlox, please watch the entire video for all the players he has contributed to:

That’s all there is to getting a Roblocks layered dress with a link. If still needed Roblox bug fixes, tips and codes, Stay with us right here Gamer Adjustment.

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