How to Get Power Passes in Lost Ark

Lost Ark is an exciting MMORPG that incentivizes you to make multiple characters and experience what each class has to offer. To avoid replaying the same content on multiple characters, Lost Ark provides players with the option to use a Power Pass to skip a character ahead to end game content. In this guide we’ll tell you how you can get Power Passes for free in Lost Ark.

How To Unlock a Power Pass In Lost Ark

Playing through multiple characters in Lost Ark is incentivized, but playing through the same content over and over again to level up new characters can be a drag. Thankfully, this is where the Power Pass comes in, giving you the option to boost a character to max level and skip over all the story content. This incredibly helpful tool is unlocked as soon as you reach level 50 on your first character.

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As explained by Roxx, a member of the Lost Ark community team, players can receive two Power Passes upon their first competition of the game’s main story.

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After using your first Power Pass, a second one will be sent to you via in-game mail. After using your second one, you will not receive a third. You can do this up to two times per region server.

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After using a Power Pass on a new character, you will automatically skip through the main quests from level 10 to 50. Your character will be leveled up to 50, and given a quest for appropriate gear. This allows you to get started on the late game content immediately.

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Your boosted character will automatically be given the Adventurers Path questline. These quests are how you earn the level appropriate gear mentioned above, and will also give you a run down of your class, teaching you about skills and showing you how to play your late-game ready build. After this questline, you’ll be ready to start the late game content immediately.

That’s everything you need to know about unlocking Power Passes in Lost Ark! Be sure to check out our other Lost Ark game guides for more information.

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