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How to Get Rid of Economy under the Gene Shine Impact

Enkonomia is a new area introduced in Update 2.4 in Geneshine Impact and many players want to get there. Although getting there is not really tough, it is definitely quite tedious. You have to complete many quests before you can really get there. So in this guide let us see how to approach the economics of Gene Shine Impact.

How to Reach Economy in Jenshin Impact

Get genshin effect enkanomiya

You must complete it to reach Enkanomiya Moon-bathed Deep And The Still Waters Flow Explorations. Yours Adventure Rank Should also be 30 or more. And you should also be done Archon Quest Chapter II: Law III – Universalism over Humans. Finally, you should have Archon Quest – Chapter II Act I: The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia Quest Done to go to any island in Inazuma. Because you I can not get to economics without going to Inazuma. Now let’s see how to complete The Moon-Bath Deep and The Still Waters Flow Quest.

How to Complete the Moon-Bathed Deep Quest

  1. Teleport to Watatsumi Island using the Seven Statues.
  2. Reach The area marked on the map above And Talk to NPC Suyuko To start “Moon-bathed Deep”Quest. Thank you Map Genie For their interactive map for Genshin Impact.
  3. Now you will get 4 quests which you can complete in any order you choose.
    • Watatsumi eye
      1. Start by reading the stone slab.
      2. Use Elemental Focus to find electro orbs. You should find a total of 3 orbs.
      3. Use enemo skill to expose nearby monsters when you find them.
      4. After destroying the spheres go to the shrine and collect the Spirit Pearl.
    • Wattsumi Kora
      1. Read the stone slab and start this quest.
      2. Complete the nearby Line Monolith challenge after reading the tablet.
      3. When the fight is over, go to the hall to collect soul pearls.
    • Fin of Watatsumi
      1. Start again by reading the stone slab.
      2. Solve this puzzle by matching the statues on both sides.
      3. You can do this by interacting with the statues so that they are facing the disc inside. When you do this correctly, you should see the disc getting a blue glow.
      4. After solving the puzzle, collect the Spirit Pearl from the shrine.
    • Watatsumi’s tail
      1. Unlike the 3 quests above, you must first defeat the monsters near the temple and then read the tablet.
      2. You can find the electron near the hall by going down the stairs.
      3. Go towards it and collect.
      4. Use it to activate all stone mechanisms.
      5. After you activate them all, you will see the release of an impression from the shrine.
      6. After this the demons emerge, defeat them and collect the Spirit Pearl from the shrine.
  4. When you have completed these quests, go to Sangonomia Shrine And Talk to Suyuko.
  5. Next, she will give it to you Watatsumi is the heart of the quest.
  6. Find the obstacle found in the world, go and Use 4 spirit pearls To Lift the impression of “heart”.
  7. After lifting the seal you will find a puzzle similar to Finn Wattsumi. Solve this puzzle Rotating statues.
  8. It breeds monsters. Defeat them and interact with the tall stone-like mechanism.
  9. Repeat this for all the disks to solve the puzzle.
  10. Once you have completed the puzzle, a cut scene begins and you get it Key to unlock Enkanomiya.
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How to Complete Still Water Flow Quest – Unlock Economy

  1. After Completing the Moon-Bathed Deep Quest, Go Sangonomia Shrine, You need to find new exploration available. This search “Still water flow“.
  2. Talk to Suyuko And she asks you Get the key seagulls.
  3. The game indicates how close you are to the sigils. You can ignore the monsters and take the sigils straight.
  4. Once you get the sigils Activate both altars.
  5. After Go by activating the altars and talk to Suyuko And she does Release the Enkonomia barrier.
  6. Later Jump on the whirlpool below, You do not take any fall damage so do not worry about dying.
  7. Explore the area and reach the ruins through the gate. You can detect it because it is locked and you have to interact with 5 debris to unlock it.
  8. Activate 5 nearby debris And go back to this gate.
  9. Interact with the mechanism to enable it And it opens the gate.
  10. Once the gate was opened Go straight until you reach the end. You can ignore any monsters you find along the way.
  11. When you reach the last gate Interact with the mechanism to open it.
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After crossing this gate you will reach Economy.

If you do not reach Inzauma, you can check out our dedicated guide How to reach Inazuma.

This guide covers how to approach the economics of Genesin Impact. Check out our other guides How to leave anemia, The best texture for a banana. Or you can check out ours directly Genshin effect Section to find more useful guides on your favorite game.

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