How to get Soul Nodes in Reaper 2

Roblox Reaper 2 is a Bleach themed game that will have you slaying evil or embodying it yourself. If you’ve taken up the role of a Soul Reaper, then you are going to need to eventually upgrade your Shikai. This is what will give you special abilities in the game that will help you tear up your enemies. However, it can’t be upgraded with normal skill points, you are going to need Soul Nodes. To get these, you are going to have to fight, and we’ll show you what to do in this guide.

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Soul Nodes Guide

To get Soul Nodes in Reaper 2, you will need to first reach level 10 on your Soul Reaper character. Once you’ve arrived at that level, you will then need to meditate by hitting the ‘P’ key. You will see three button options, one of them being the ability to battle against your Shikai. Choose that option and you will fight against a version of yourself. If you win, you will earn 2 Soul Nodes!

Leveling up to 10 is pretty simple, you can just follow the story quests that send you around the map. NPCs that have an orange question mark over their head will have a challenge for you. Complete it by slaying a particular type of enemy, and you will earn a lot of experience. Talk to the NPC again and they will direct you to the next one you should talk to!

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When you’ve gotten your character to 10, that’s when you can challenge your alter-ego. You will be teleported into a different area, where you will start the fight. Make sure to activate your Shikai, and then beat up the NPC.

If you win the fight, you will then be able to use those 2 earned Soul Nodes to upgrade your Shikai by accessing it in the Menu and Skill Tree. You will want to repeat this process multiple times so that you can max it out. Unfortunately, it takes 30 minutes before you can do it again, so it can be a bit of a slow process earning enough points to get all the skills.

That’s everything you will need to know on how to get Soul Nodes in Reaper 2. We’ve got more details about the game in the Reaper 2 section of our website.

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