How To Get Steam Deck On Xbox Cloud Gaming Running


With Steam Deck finally out in the wild and more and more people getting their hands on it, it’s a common question most owners are having now. How to get Steam Deck on Xbox Cloud Gaming running? Valve has done a great job making the handheld console as user-friendly as possible and anyone can tweak it according to their liking or preferences. The developers are continuously adding new features and an excellent example of this is Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming, which is now compatible with Steam Deck via Microsoft Edge. Here’s How can you get Xbox Cloud Gaming running on Steam Deck.

How To Get Steam Deck On Xbox Cloud Gaming Running

Steam Deck on running Xbox Cloud Gaming is pretty simple, although a bit long-drawn and will take a bit of time and patience. However, once set up, you will be able to play Xbox Cloud Gaming titles and first-party exclusives that were previously incompatible with the Steam Deck. Games like Halo Infinite, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Gears 5, and more will be just a button press away. So, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get Xbox Cloud Gaming on Steam Deck:

  1. Press the Steam button> Power> Select Switch to Desktop
  2. Look for the Discover Software Center

    This will be present in the taskbar and looks similar to a shopping bag.

  3. Go to the menu beside Applications
  4. Select Internet> Web Browsers
  5. Find Microsoft Edge

    You will see Microsoft Edge Beta and then click the Install button.

  6. Go back to the desktop
  7. Head into the application launcher

    The Applications Launcher icon will be on the bottom left of the taskbar, simply click on it.

  8. Navigate to the Internet
  9. Right-click on Microsoft Edge (beta)> Add to Steam
  10. Find and select Microsoft Edge

    Steam, scroll to locate and select Microsoft Edge (beta)

    Xbox Cloud Gaming Steam Deck
  11. Select Konsole

    In the Applications menu, navigate to System> Konsole

  12. Set the override by entering a command in Konsole

    Now, simply enter the following command to set override:
    flatpak –user override –filesystem = / run / udev: ro

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After running the command, go into your Steam Library by pressing the desktop icon and look for it Microsoft Edge. Then, right-click on Microsoft Edge> Select Properties and Change the Name to Xbox Cloud Gaming. Locate the LAUNCH OPTIONS and enter the following:

-Window-size = 1024,640 –force-device-scale-factor = 1.25 –device-scale-factor = 1.25 –kiosk “”

You can also customize the name Steam on the Desktop. You’ll also need to change the controller input which can be done by:

  1. Click on the gear icon.
  2. Press Manage.
  3. Go to Controller Layout.
  4. In Controller Configurations, look for the Gamepad with Mouse Trackpad Configuration and select it.

Microsoft even offers official artwork You can use the tweak program icon. You will need a USB device to copy the files to your Steam Deck while in Desktop mode. There will be a total of three images and a document folder using Microsoft Advices. To add the icon art:

  1. Head back to the Xbox Cloud Gaming shortcut properties.
  2. Right-click on the blank square beside the shortcut name.
  3. Select “Xbox_Cloud_Gaming_Icon.jpg”.
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To add the banner:

  1. Click the shortcut from the list of games
  2. Right-click on the gray background
  3. Select Set Custom Background
  4. Find and select “Xbox_Cloud_Gaming_Banner.jpg”.

To add the capsule:

  1. In the Steam Library, right-click the blank Xbox Cloud Gaming rectangle
  2. Choose Set custom artwork
  3. Find and select “Xbox_Cloud_Gaming_Capsule.jpg”

Once you use the shortcut to launch Xbox Cloud, the shortcut will appear in RECENT GAMES but without a background. There is a simple fix to this. Simply right-click on the empty background> Set custom artwork. Now, use the Xbox Cloud Gaming shortcut for all set. To access it, go back to the desktop icon using gaming mode.

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That’s about everything How to get Steam Deck on Xbox Cloud Gaming running. While the entire process is long, you will be rewarded with the entire Xbox Cloud Gaming Library and will be able to play the incompatible Steam Deck titles too. You can also head over to Microsoft’s Dedicated support article in order to know more about the feature. For everything else, make sure to check out Twinfinite.

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