How To Get The Sealed Tunnel In The Elden Ring (& Where To Find It)


The Lands Between are full of secret locations and hidden areas that can be tough to find or enter, even if you can find them on the map. If you’re having trouble figuring out How To Get Into The Sealed Tunnel In Elden Ringor even where to find it, we have the details you need below.

Where to Find The Ealed Ring in the Sealed Tunnel

The Sealed Tunnel is found in the Altus Plateau, right near the capital. It’s right next to the west gate of Leyndell Royal Capital. Here’s the map on the exact location where you should look for:

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Elden Ring Sealed Tunnel Location

Head to the Map on the Dark Spot to find the Sealed Tunnel which, ironically, is not actually sealed at all. There’s no lift here, so you can walk right in to the Tunnel’s Site of Grace.

How To Get The Sealed Tunnel

Things get a bit more complicated once you’ve found the site’s grace, though. The room looks like a dead end, but the Sealed Tunnel is full of illusory walls and hidden pathways throughout its interior.

The first secret path is in the image below. You’ll need to hit the wall and find the path to the screenshot.

Elden Ring Sealed Tunnel Entrance

This is a recurring theme inside the tunnel, so be sure to read player messages on the left while exploring the inside while exploring.

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If you manage to make it all the way through the tunnel, you’ll reach the Divine Tower of West Altus, which is the Tower that activates Rykard, the Lord of Blasphemy’s Great Rune. You can’t really enter the tower without defeating him first.

That’s about all you need to know Where To Find The Sealed Tunnel In The Elden Ring And How To Get In. Find out more tips, tricks, and other useful info to get you through the venture.

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