How To Get The Shield Bubble In Fortnite (& What It Does)


The Fortnite Shield Bubble Following the 20.30 hotfix earlier this week, and the chances are you’re wondering how to get it, or maybe just what it does. Well, this is a handy new item that you need to know everything in the right place, as well as in this guide.

Fortnite in How to Get Shield Bubble

This new item can be found in Fortnite from today, May 13th until May 16th at 11:59 pm This is a ‘Trial Period’ that is currently running for the Protective Bubbles and Balloons before they go up-to-head. vote on Funding Stations.

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If you want to go back to the Shield Bubble, stay in the game permanently, you have to spend your Gold Bars at a Funding Station and vote for it. Whichever item is a fully funded first, will enter the loot pool until the end of the season.

When Does Voting Begin?

The Shield Bubble and the Balloons items between the vote and the trial period following the end of the Funding Boards. At the time of writing, Epic Games will probably have an official time, but we’d suspect it could be the next update (likely to drop on Tuesday, May 17) in the lands next week.

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What Does It Do?

Throwing down one of these will create a temporary dome that is invulnerable to all damage, including explosive, air strike missile, and standard gunfire.

The shield bubble item on the floor

Keep in mind that this won’t last forever, though. But a top tip from yours truly – use a Shield Bubble to protect yourself from incoming enemy fire, and then use a Rift-to-Go to escape without safety. By the time the enemy fires at you, you have rifted out of the figures, and you’ll be safe and secure on your way.

fortnite in use in the shield bubble

A maximum of two items can be stacked in your inventory at any one time, and each shield can take 400 points of damage before it is destroyed.

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Looking for more tips and tricks on Epic Games’ ever-popular Battle Royale title? Let us know the comments below.

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