How to Increase FPS in Valorant


In a tactical shooter that rewards precision aiming such as Valorant, the importance of achieving a high framerate cannot be overstated. The more frames you have, the smoother the experience, which translates to improved accuracy, more one-taps, and, ultimately, winning games. Here’s what you need to know How to increase FPS in Valorant If you’re looking for a competitive edge.

Before we get started, it’s worth noting that while Valorant’s minimum specs are too low, and it’s hardly a demanding game graphically, it’s quite CPU intensive. So, if you’re wondering why your GTX 1660 Super or even RTX 3060 is a consistent 200+ frames hit, it’s because your CPU is potentially restricting performance. Generally speaking, AMD Ryzen processors are best-suited to Valorant. Still, that doesn’t mean you can improve the situation with the right settings.

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How to Increase FPS in Valorant

First, make sure you have the FPS selected in-game, which you can do via the Stats page of the Settings menu. We have a detailed guide walking you through the process here.

Now, let’s review the best in-game graphical settings for those who want high performance and don’t mind sacrificing visual fidelity. Above you can see the settings I use, which essentially turn off every performance-draining graphical setting and keep the game to a bare minimum to keep the game looking atrocious!

As you can see, everything is set to low, with only anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering just above minimum so that jagged edges on weapon skins and the UI don’t appear. Bloom is also on the map, especially when it comes to impact performance and better lighting.

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Once you have your in-game settings sorted, you can further boost FPS by making some adjustments to your PC itself (though only minor ones). Here’s a checklist to run through:

  • Turn off ‘Game Mode’ in Windows.
  • Set power options to maximum performance.
  • Uncheck disable full-screen optimization – the option is found by right-clicking your Valorant icon in Windows, then selecting ‘Compatibility.’
  • Be sure to check your graphical drivers and software up to date.
  • Of course, always run other programs to ensure maximum performance.

That’s all you need to know How to increase FPS in Valorant. For more useful information on the game, search Twinfinite.

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