How to know if I have a virus on my mobile

We are going to show you how you can detect if there are viruses on your phone. Trojans like Flubot, the SMS malware, make us more and more alert about the possible dangers that can reach our mobile, so having different tools to know if we are infected or not can be especially useful.

It is convenient to know that, due to the peculiarities of each operating system, it is easier to infect an Android phone than an iPhone with iOS. However, neither can get rid of malware, so we are going to thoroughly explain how to know if there is something weird installed on your phone. In the same way, we recommend you take a look at how to remove viruses on Android and iPhone, in case your mobile is infected.

Recognize the different types of malware

It is not necessary to delve too deeply into the technical behavior of each malware, but it is important to know what types of malware there are and, albeit superfluously, knowing what the most common do. This will help you know where to start looking, as each virus behaves in a different way. Specifically, we are going to talk to you about the three most common on mobile phones.

The adware is one of the most common mobile malware and, as its name suggests, inject advertising in the phone. If your phone shows ads where it didn’t before (apps, settings, messages and so on), you may be infected with adware. Usually the adware it is not as dangerous as other types of virus, but it can get hold of user data, so it is important to recognize it. An example is BeiTAd, an Adware that hid in 238 apps and left Android almost unusable.

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The trojans They are viruses that can have different types of behavior but usually have one point in common: its difficult detection. An example is System Update, an app that pretended to be a system update and that stole information from the phone, took pictures and was capable of turning on the microphone itself.

FluBot has been the leading Trojan in 2021. It was capable of completely controlling an Android mobile, sending SMS, stealing contacts, hiding when we wanted to delete it, etc.

Although the best known example is FluBot, the SMS malware that managed to have full access to the device. Later we will give you some clues to recognize the Trojan, but a good clue to recognize it can be search in the list of apps, even in the system apps as they can sometimes be hidden from the launcher, but not within the system settings.


Lastly we have the spywaremalware that runs in the background in order to collect user information. These are apps that often abuse camera and microphone permissions, although they do not need them for their operation. An example is ZooPark, a spy malware that collected data about our activity on the phone.

Some signs to distinguish that our mobile is infected

Unfortunately, is becoming more sophisticated, so it can become difficult to recognize it. However, we are going to give you a few clues so that you can know when there are viruses on your mobilegoing over some possible strange behavior.

  • Abnormal phone performance: menus and apps that close, applications that are installed without our permission, settings that change on their own, etc.
  • Excessive battery consumption: from settings and battery We can see what process is spending so much battery, we don’t even recognize it or it is a strange app, we could be infected.
  • Excessive data consumption: viruses usually send data from the phone to their servers, so we can notice an increase in data from one day to the next. Check it from settings.
  • Advertising where there shouldn’t be: if your phone shows more ads than usual and, especially, it does so in browsers where there were none before, you may have adware.
  • Apps with the ‘accessibility’ permission on Android. This permission can make a virus take full control of your phone. If you have any suspicion, look at the list of apps with accessibility permission, there may be something suspicious on the list.
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Apps that help you recognize malware


We have already talked in depth about mobile antivirus, reaching the conclusion that they are not necessary, although they are one more option. From Móvil we have compiled which are the best antiviruses, so you don’t have to look for them. However, there is services to detect malware that are not antivirus itself, especially highlighting two.

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The first of these is VirusTotal, a website that scans APK files for viruses. If you have downloaded an app from outside the Play Store and you are suspicious, you can always run it through VirusTotal before installing it.

Our second recommendation is to install the Malwarebytes app, available for iOS and Android. Contrary to other antiviruses, Malwarebytes consumes hardly any resources and is especially good at detecting Trojans and ransomware. It also parses Chrome URLs looking for phishingto prevent us from entering inappropriate addresses.

A factor that can be determining: having the mobile updated


Both the manufacturers of Android customization layers and Google or Apple itself with iOS spend a lot of time investigating security holes in your mobile software. Based on them, they usually release regular updates in order to implement patches that cover the devices against these vulnerabilities.

Therefore, and although it may seem tedious at times, it is important to always have the latest version of the system available for your mobile. Sometimes these updates seem minor, since they do not seem to bring visual or functional changes, but they precisely gain in importance when we talk about protecting devices.

Therefore, go to the terminal settings and check if you have any pending updates. Unfortunately, it may not be enough to update and it may have to be combined with tools like the ones listed above. But it is an essential recommendation and that will grant a very important security extra to your Android or iPhone mobile.


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