How To Make Dummies Move & Attack: Apex Legends Firing Range Easter Egg


This is a fun one for you Apex Legends players. Have you ever been in the firing range alone and wanted some actual combat? Turns out there is an Easter egg to make those dummies move around and attack and we’ll tell you how to do it.

How To Make Firing Range Dummies Move And Attack Apex Legends

How To Make The Firing Range Dummies Move And Attack Apex Legends

  1. Horizon as Loading Firing Range.

    If You Don’t Have Horizon Unlocked, This Can Be Done With Pathfinder But It Could Be A Little More Tricky To Nail The Grapple.

  2. Once you have loaded into the firing range, leave the cave you spawn and go to the far end of the one.

    When leaving the cave, this will be the one on your far left, and the weapon platforms from them when looking far-right.

    Apex Legends Firing Range Easter Egg
  3. Upon entering the correct cave, head to the back wall and look up. It’s incredibly dark, but your goal is to make it to this upper platform.
    Apex Legends Firing Range Easter Egg
  4. Throw Down Horizon’s Tactical and Maneuver Yourself Up This Platform.

    You’ll want to do this on the middle of the platform

  5. Walk up to the front of the platform and cave and drop any weapons and ammo you may have picked up.
  6. Drop into a crouch, look straight down, and open the main menu to change your Legend (hold options / start).

    Switch to any Legend you want.

  7. If you hear a mechanical sound the screen zooms back to the show you died, the Easter egg has worked. Once you respawn, you’ll find the Dummies happy to throw down.

    Note: This Easter egg will leave you until the end, but you will have to go through the steps again.

    Apex Legends Dummies Attack

There you have it, Legends, for all you need to know How To Make The Firing Range Dummies Move And Attack Apex Legends.

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