[2022] iOS 15 Tricks: How To Move Data From Android To iPhone

How to move data from Android to iPhone: Our goal is to explain how to transfer data between your Android device and your iOS device in this article. Would you like to switch from an android device to an iOS device without losing the data saved on your android device? Do not worry about moving all of your data from your android device to your new iOS device.

To learn how to switch from an Android device to a new iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, download the Move to iOS app.

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Follow This Step To Trasfer All Date From Android to iPhone

  • Please ensure that your Android device is connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Make sure your iOS device and Android device are both plugged in.
  • Be sure that the content you’re moving will fit on your new iOS device, including anything on your external Micro SD card.
  • Install the latest version of Chrome on your Android device if you wish to transfer your Chrome bookmarks.
how to move data from android to iphone

How to move data from Android to iPhone

Step1: Tap Move Data from Android

  • The Apps & Data screen can be found while setting up your iOS device. Simply tap Move Data from Android to begin. You need to erase your iOS device and start over if you have already completed setup. If you do not want to erase, you can move your content manually.)

Step2:Open the Move to iOS app

  • Open Move to iOS on your Android device. Using the camera on your Android device, scan the QR code on your new iOS device if you don’t have the Move to iOS app. Press Continue and then read the terms and conditions. If you agree, move forward.

Step3: Wait for a code

  • The Move from Android screen will appear on your iOS device. Click Continue when you see it. After that, you will see a 10-digit or six-digit code. In the event that your Android device warns you that your internet connection is weak, you can ignore it.

Step4: Use the code

  • Your Android device must be able to enter the code.

Step5: Connect to a temporary Wi-Fi network

  • By default, your iOS device creates a temporary WiFi network. Tap Connect on your Android device to join that network. You will then see the Transfer Data screen.

Step6:Choose your content and wait

  • You can transfer content to your Android device by selecting it and tapping Continue. When the loading bar appears on your iOS device, leave both devices alone until it finishes. Even if your Android device shows the process to be completed, leave both devices alone until the bar on your Android device disappears. If you have a lot of content to transfer, it may take a while.

Step7:Set up your iOS device

  • You can tap Done on your Android device after the loading bar has finished on your iOS device. You will then be able to complete setup for your iOS device by tapping Continue and following the onscreen steps.

Step8:Finish up

  • Don’t forget to transfer all your content. Books, music, and PDFs must be manually transferred.

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how to move data from android to iphone
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