How to Play as the Onryo in Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is one of the first live-service multiplayer horror games of its kind, quickly gaining a base of horror fans. The game has only been improving over the years, adding new content with new Survivors and Killers, sometimes from significant horror franchises. Especially in the last couple of years, Behavior Interactive have been flexing their creative muscles to bring characters like those from the Resident Evil and Hellraiser series.

Now, Dead by Daylight is bringing a new killer straight out of the TV screen. In this guide, we’ll show you how to play as Sadako the Onryo and give you some tips for sacrificing the Survivors in your game.

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How to Play as the Onryo in Dead by Daylight

First, you’ll need to access the public test beta branch of the game for Dead by Daylight, which can be located in the Steam launcher for the game. First, you’ll need to right-click the game’s title, go to properties, and then select the Betas tab. Then, click the drop-down menu and select public-test, which will begin downloading the beta files for the game and allow you to play Onryo before it’s released as a paid DLC into the public game on March 8th.

Tips for Playing as the Onryo

Sadako Onryo Dead By Daylight Image

The Onryo’s abilities are new but reminiscent of past killers that players are familiar with. Like the Wraith, the Onryo can disappear and move through the shadows primarily undetected by the player using its Manifestation ability. When the Survivor isn’t sure if you are close or not, they’ll already be on edge, so surprise attacks may be your best friend with this Killer.

The Onryo’s perks revolve around controlling the battlefield, including Survivors, the hooks, and generators. It’s primarily geared towards highlighting Survivor locations whenever they save someone or fail one of the continuous generator checks. These aura reading abilities will help Sadako find its prey and surprise them for scares and damage.

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The Onryo is also an extremely mobile character, similar to the now unavailable Demogorgon. The Onryo can teleport to several TV screens on the map, gaining material form like The Ring. The Survivors can take a VHS tape from a TV and use it to turn off all the others, but it will cause them to become Condemned. Onryo players should always be on the lookout for Condemned players since they’ll be killable once you get them to the crawling state.

If you’ve located the public-test beta server and had no issues downloading, this is all you need to know about playing as the Onryo in Dead by Daylight.

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