How To Preorder Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak On PC & Switch


Last year’s Monster Hunter Rise has just had its own expansion, Sunbreak, officially announced, plenty of missions and monsters to sink your teeth into. In this guide, we’ll explain how to preorder Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak on both PC and Switch, so you can make sure you’re all set for release on June 30, 2022.

Preordering Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Depending on what platform you want to take on the expansion, the steps you need to take are a little different.

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If you’re looking to preorder Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak on PC, you’ll need to head over to Steam. Here, search for ‘Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’ in the top right-hand corner of the search bar, and the DLC will appear.

Left-click on this to be taken store pageand then choose either to buy the base DLC or the Deluxe Edition of Sunbreak.

how to preorder monster hunter rise sunbreak

Go through the payment process like you would for any other game or piece of content on Steam and you’ll have preordered your copy.

Nintendo Switch

If you’re wanting to preorder Sunbreak on the Nintendo Switch, head over to the Nintendo eShop for your console, or from the website.

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Search for ‘Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’ and you’ll find that content. We’ve also included the link to the eShop website page right here so you can just click purchase.

You’ll find the option to buy Sunbreak’s standard and deluxe editions a little further down the page.

Pre-Purchase Bonuses

For the pre-purchase Sunbreak, players will get access to the ‘Loyal Dog Costume’ Palamute layered armor set, and the ‘Striped Cat Costume’ Palico layered armor set.

Layered armor only changes the appearance of the character, and does not change their stats or abilities.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak on PC and Nintendo Switch. Be sure to check out more on The Game Below.

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