How To Preregister The New Niantic Game: Peridot

Following the meteoric success of Pokemon GO, developer Niantic is moving on to a new game and just recently shared the first trailer and details. Peridot is a new AR game for iOS and Android devices that will allow players to take care of adorable, magical creatures and take them wherever you go. In this guide, we’ll be explaining everything you need to know how to preregister Peridot.

What Is Peridot?

Peridot is essentially the augmented reality (AR), smartphone version of a Tamogotchi. Players will be able to take care of their very own Peridot, an adorable creature that will need to be petted, fed, cleaned and played in order to grow and live a happy life.

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You’ll be able to take them on walks and watch them interact with your real-world surroundings, and take pictures and videos together. Exploring together will also yield items that can help you take care of your Peridot, too.

Players will also be able to breed their peridot with one another, expanding the species and breeding new varieties altogether. Thoughts, at the time of writing, little else has been said about how this mechanic will work and just how many unique Peridot there are.

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How to Preregister Peridot

To preregister, go to and then click on the pink ‘Preregister to Learn More’ button.

You’ll then need to enter your email address, date of birth and your region and then click the ‘Submit’ button just to fill out the form.

If you’re successful, you’ll receive an email later this month.

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What Is The Peridot Soft Beta Release Date?

Currently, Niantic has only shared that Peridot’s soft beta will launch in select territories later in April. No official date has been made, nor have the regions that will get the soft beta first. However, based off of Pokemon GO’s soft launch, we’d expect at least the first wave in the United States, Mexico and Japan.

Once we have any further information, we’ll update this post and let you know.

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