How to Repair Items in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, you will have to repair your gear because its durability will be lost over time due to the number of battles you fight, raids and chaos dungeons you endure. You may find you need to repair your items and gear often if you’re just starting out and leveling up your expertise, so you’ll want to know how to repair your items and your gear in Lost Ark.

How to Repair Items in Lost Ark

To repair items in Lost Ark, you can use one of two options in the game. One is locating an NPC on the map that is displayed as an anvil, which means they have the ability to repair. Second, you can CTRL + right-click on your pet, which will open up the Pet Functions and give you access to the repair tab.

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You will need to have Silver, which is one of the main currencies in Lost Ark. The better your item is, the more expensive the repair will be. Repairing is not inexpensive but should be something you can afford to do with the Silver you accumulate in-game.

How to Repair Items in Lost Ark with an NPC

You can use the in-game map to find the nearest or most convenient NPC that can repair your items. You can open your map using the shortcut “M” while you are in a major city. Once you find an NPC that has an “anvil” icon, you can head to this NPC to repair your items.

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You will need to interact with the repairer NPC by clicking the NPC or by pressing “G” as a shortcut. There will be a repair window that allows you to choose to repair equipped items or all gear in your inventory.

Don’t forget: you can also repair your trade skill tools through its tab.

How to Repair Items in Lost Ark with Your Pet

In case you are nowhere near a major city or need to repair on the fly, like in the middle of a dungeon or a raid, you can press CTRL and right-click your pet, then click on the Pet Functions button and go to the repair tab.

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Repairing your items and your gear in Lost Ark is an essential part of playing the game, so hopefully, this guide has helped to familiarize you with the repairing process and you’ll soon be on your way to repairing quickly and easily! Be sure to check out more detailed information in the Lost Ark section of our website.

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