How To Set Pointer Speed In Realme Device

Pointer Speed In Realme: Android devices support USB devices that can be attached to Realme smartphones. If you want to connect any USB devices then use a USB OTG cable. Through OTG cable you can do many other activities. For more simple, like your computer, you can connect one mouse through OTG cable with your Realme devices.

Sometimes, you don’t see the mouse cursor. To identify the mouse position you need to move the mouse for a while. Normally, when you connect the mouse then it will automatically optimize and visible ti’s position on the screen. if you are using a gaming mouse then DPI will be high. So that it will move faster than another mouse.

Realme supports the Pointer Speed option. You can make custom mouse speeds without any restriction. Based on that mouse speed will slow and fast according to movement and that is adjustable.

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Pointer Speed In Realme

To set the customized setting to follow the below steps:

Additional Settings Pointer Speed In Realme
Keyboard in Pointer Speed In Realme
Pointer Speed In Realme
  • Open Settings.
  • Go to Additional settings and select Keyboard & input method.
  • At the bottom there is a ‘Pointer Speed’ option.
  • Adjust speed and that’s it.
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