How to Turn Off Amber Alerts in Android and iOS

Amber Alerts: Using the Amber Alert System in your area can be a very effective way of locating and recovering kidnapped children. Since the system’s implementation in all participating areas, 1,029 children have been found – 87 of whom have been found through wireless emergency alerts only.

Nevertheless, these alerts will appear on all mobile devices – mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches – at any time, whether you are awake or asleep. However, you will be unable to assist in locating these kidnapped innocents if you turn off these Amber Alerts. This guide shows you how to turn off AMBER and other emergency alerts (except Presidential Alerts) on Android and iOS devices.

Amber Alerts

Turning Off Amber Alerts on iOS

There are two types of Amber Alerts: Emergency Alerts and Public Safety Alerts. You should be able to turn all three on and off if you have an iPhone 4S or newer and a carrier such as AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, or Verizon.

step 1: To open the Application for Adjustment, tap on it.

step 2: Notifications via Tap,

step 3: You can also toggle off the other two warnings later, or re-enable this feature as needed. Scroll down and tap the toggle next to amber alert under government alert; repeat this step if necessary.

Android 11: Disable Amber Alerts

  On Android devices, AMBER alerts can be adjusted differently than on Apple’s iPhone. Our guide covers stock Android 11 – the version you’ll find on most Android phones available today. On the bottom of the page, you can find an update for Android 12 phones.  

step 1: You can expand the notification shade by swiping from top to bottom. Tap more Teeth Mark to see more. Adjustment Application will open.

step 2: Go to Apps & Notifications,

step 3: Press the advanced button

step 4: Alert wirelessly with a single tap

Step 5:

Selecting the “AMBER Alerts” toggle will disable this feature. Toggle this warning off afterward or re-enable it later if necessary.

How to turn off Amber Alert on Samsung Galaxy phones

You can receive notifications through the built-in Messages app as well as through the Settings app, though the layout is different. Let’s walk you through both.  

step 1: Open the messages application by tapping.

step 2: Tap Three point The menu icon next to the search (magnifying glass) icon.

step 3: On the drop-down menu, select Adjustment.

step 4: Click to the emergency alert settings.

Step 5: Tap the emergency button

Step 6: To turn off this feature, tap the toggle next to the amber alert. If you need to re-enable this feature later, or if you would like to turn off other warnings, repeat this step.

Amber Alert is turned off in the Settings app of Samsung Galaxy phones

Samsung moves things around a lot, as we said. Whether you run Android 11 or 12 or have an Asus, Moto, Nokia, or Pixel smartphone, the general layout of Android settings is the same. The steps you need to follow differ slightly for Samsung phones.  

step 1:  The notification shade will expand when you swipe from top to bottom, Mark. Clicking on it will open Adjustment.

step 2:  Relationship tapping

step 3: Click on the connection settings button,

step 4: Wireless emergency alerts are available by tapping

Step 5: To access the Three-point Settings, tap the icon.

Step 6: Select the alert type,

Step 7: For this feature to be turned off, tap the toggle next to the amber alert. You can re-enable this feature later, if necessary, or turn off other warnings by repeating this step.

Turning Off Amber Alerts on Android 12

Although Android 12 has yet to be released, there are some differences between Android 11 and Android 12 that must be considered when deactivating AMBER alerts.

step 1: To expand the notification shade, swipe from top to bottom and tap more teeth marks. Adjustment opens.

step 2: Notifications via Tap,

step 3: Tap the emergency alert button

step 4: To turn off the amber alert feature, tap the toggle next to it. You can re-enable this feature later as needed or toggle off other warnings by repeating steps 2-4.

A toggle next to the option *Allows Alerts* turns off all notifications in Android 11. There is no need to toggle anything manually.

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