How To Unlock Secret Boss In Kirby And The Forgotten Land (Chaos Elfilis)


Just because you’ve unlocked a handful of Waddle Dees and beaten Fecto Elfilis, doesn’t mean you’re done with everything Kirby and the Forgotten Land has to offer. There’s actually a Kirby and the Forgotten Land secret boss which you need to unlock by completing a number of tasks. Below is how we’ve outlined this.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land in Unlocking Chaos Elfilis

To unlock the secret boss, you’ll first need to beat the main story of defeating Fecto Elfilis, then head to the Isolated Isles in Waddle Dee Village.

kirby and the forgotten land secret boss

Make your way to the very top of the tower and talk to the character here. They’ll open up a star that you can then use to access World 7: Isolated Isles.

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Now you need to collect 250 Leo Souls to unlock the battle against the Isolated Isles in Leongar. Beat this boss fight and then defeat Morpho Knight in order to unlock the Ultimate Cup Z in the Waddle Dee Village Colosseum.

With this unlocked, head to the Colosseum and start the Ultimate Cup Z. You’ll be able to take on the secret boss, called Chaos Elfilis, at the very end of the cup.

Chaos Elfilis is a souped-up version of the Fecto Elfilis boss. We’d recommend the Morpho Knight Sword obtained from the final stage of Isolated Isles: Forgo Dreams where you beat Morpho Knight.

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Once you’ve dropped Chaos Elfilis down to half-health, it’ll transform into its final, Chaos-steeped form where it’ll have large, sweeping attacks that can deal with massive amounts of dark energy.

The best tip to be the secret boss is to keep dodging, suck up any stars that are dropped from Chaos Elfilis’ attacks and spit them back to the boss when you get a chance.

It’s a battle of patience, so just keep dodging and taking your time chipping away at that health bar.

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