How to Use the Deep Cleanup Feature in Realme UI

Deep Cleanup: Your device’s battery will be drained overnight by background apps on Realm devices. Therefore, we will recommend you perform a Deep Cleaning of your device to resolve this issue. In recent months, realme launched a feature that will stop all background applications from running at all times, as shown in the user interface (UI). Deep clean will reduce battery drain when running many apps simultaneously.

Realme Tips and Tricks Deep Clean

Deep Cleanup Feature in Realme UI

All processes running in the background will be killed by this feature. Because no background processes will be running, the battery will last longer as no application will be running in the background. The user can stop the system as well as applications. The best condition for the device is when system activities are happening in addition to background apps. Background apps drain your device’s battery.

It is possible to enable the functionality through “Process Manager” in Extra Settings. It appears that deep cleaning is possible.

Enable Deep Cleanup Feature in Realme Smartphones

This feature can be enabled in your realme device by following the below steps:

  • First of all, open Settings
  • Now scroll down aand open Additional Settings
  • After that find  Process Manager and select it
  • You will get Deep Cleanup option on your screen.
  • If youy want to kill any appliactioon then click on circular option.
  • Then click on End all in the End All Processes popup.

All background processes will be ended if you follow the above steps. All background tasks and applications will not run in the background, resulting in reduced CPU usage.

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