How & When to Get Mega Latias & Latios in Pokemon GO Raids


The first Mega Legendaries are coming to Pokemon GO. The Mega forms of Latios and Latias originally debuted in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, and now they’ll be available in Pokemon GO. You’ll want to get your hands on these first Mega Legendaries since the duo is likely to be very powerful. Here’s everything you need to know about How and when to get Mega Latias and Latios in Pokemon GO Raids.

Getting Mega Latias & Pokemon GO Raids in Latios

latios and latias

Get your best Ghost, Ice, and Dark Pokemon ready. A Mega Gengar or Mega Houndoom with the Odds You’ll Want. But you should still bring some friends along for the ride.

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Most Legendary raids seem to be beating with at least two other trainers to help you out. Yet, there is no indication that this is the case for the Mega Legendary raids.

When to Get Mega Latias & Latios

Fortunately, you still have some time to get your teams ready to take on this new challenge before it goes live. The Air Adventures event marks the debut of Mega Latias and Latios in Pokemon GO. This event starts on May 3 at 10 AM local time and ends on May 8 at 8 PM local time.

The Legendary Megas will stick around after the event, but they will eventually return if they don’t.

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How To Get Mega Latias & Latios

The amount of mega energy to mega evolved mega Latios is 300

Just like all the other Megas in Pokemon GO, you’ll need a few raids before you finally have enough Mega Energy to create these two creatures. Just keep in mind that it’ll take 300 Mega Energy to evolve either of these Legendary Dragons. While you may be quite out for a ride.

Fortunately, the teams that you have had to take on Latias and Latios have to be equipped with the mega forms that they have in store.

As mentioned before, Mega Gengar and Mega Houndoom are very helpful in this raid. Weavile, Tyranitar, Mamoswine, and Original Giratina are also solid options. Additionally, any Shadow versions of those Pokemon will have even better options for taking on these raids.

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That’s all there is to know about How and when to get Mega Latias and Latios in Pokemon GO Raids.

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