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How & Where to Get Elden Ring in Meteoric Ore Blade Katana: Location & Stats Explained


This katana is one of the best weapons in the game, depending on your character build, and it’s not too difficult to get to. Here’s what you need to know How and where to get the Meteoric Ore Blade katana in Elden Ringalong with some info on its stats.

Where to Find The Elden Ring in Meteoric Ore Blade Katana

This powerful katana can be found in the rotated region of Caelid. It’s near the border of Caelid and Limgrave, so you won’t have to venture too far into this dangerous zone to claim the weapon.

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The katana is found underground, inside the Caelid Waypoint Ruins. Here’s the exact location where you’ll need to search:

Elden Ring Meteoric Ore Blade Location

You’ll find a one-room crypt down the lead that’ll map you to a staircase. The crypt is full of Pest enemies, so either be careful or run in and out as quickly as possible.

The Meteoric Ore Blade is a chest in the back of the room. Even if you grab it and die, it’ll still be in your inventory. So, here are a few of the very few runes you are going to make the best of.

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Meteoric Ore Blade Stats

This katana – along with the Moonveil – is a strong choice for those who choose to build up their INT stat. It requires 15 STR, 14 DEX, and 18 INT to wield properly, and it also causes each strike on the blood loss buildup. It starts off with 112 Physical Attack, 72 Magical Attack, and 100 Critical Top of that blood loss effect.

Elden Ring Meteoric Ore Blade

The blade will eventually scale C in both STR and INT and D in DEX, which are great for those who create sorcerers. Its skill, gravitas, pulls enemies close to you in a small AOE while dealing damage. It’s a short distance from an opponent when you are surrounded by enemies or when you need to.

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That’s all you need to know about How and where to get the Meteoric Ore Blade katana in Elden Ring. Be sure to check out our weapon tier list to find other top-tier choices that may suit your specific build.

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