HyperX for LDN UTD secures an IP deal

esports uk organisation LDN UTD announced a partnership with gaming hardware brand HyperX.

The multifaceted deal, in which HyperX is the officially named LDN UTDs official peripherals partner for 2022, allows both entities to collaborate on a variety of activities. This includes grassroots tournaments and community-based events.

Image courtesy of LDN – UTD, HyperX.

The peripherals brand will be featured in the LDN MetroTDs 2022 jersey and included into digital branding assets. Moreover, HyperX will be integrated into the future LDN UTD platform hosted by future tournaments.

As well as the staff and visitors of the LDN UTD Center of Excellence, you can use HyperX peripherals. This includes group members on the UTD EDN educational initiative.

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Before the launch of LDN UTD, Oliver Weingarten commented: After the creation of LDN UTD, hyperX has provided unrivaled support, but we will continue to ensure that our best-in-class product is available to our community, no matter what it is at GrimeAgainstKnives or the most recent release, All Access Gaming, which we use every time.

We’re looking forward to our long-term partnership so that the community can continue to experience HyperX in our Camden Center of Excellence.

LDN’s UTD has been busy the last few months. The organization took off with its education initiative. The Vamps Connor Ball was named after its new co-owner and established partnerships with Noblechairs and Recast.

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HyperX is proud to partner with the GNTA. They always admire their work on diversity and the importance of gamers, adds Amy Ash, EMEA physics and event specialist.

We’re excited to continue supporting them with our peripherals and helping to bring them to the forefront of the game.

Esports Insider says that TN-TDT has gotten the momentum from 2021 into the New Year. It’s smart to introduce its HyperX partner into the venue and its UTD EDN initiative. It’s interesting to see how much Hyperx has over the years.

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