IEM Katowice 2022: A FaZe Clan and International Roasters Opinion for a Show of Dominance

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The IEM Katowice 2022 marks the first Katowice win in more than two years with countless events that face a lot of challenges.

Owen Pearce shares his thoughts on the achievement, the FaZes grand final victory over the G2 and how it could inspire other international players on the CSGO stage.

Despite a relentless effort from G2 to the grand finale, the pressure finally ended and the three more maps eventually went the way of FaZe.

G2 played an updated roster with new IGL Aleksi Aleksib Virolainen and the shining young AWPer Ilya m0NESY Osipov with stand-in coach Francois AMANEK Delaunay.

But the only exception is that of the G2 side of the obstacles at Katowice, as led by the Faro side led by Finn Karrigan Andersen and the overcame insurmountable odds to win the Grand Final in a 3-0 series.

Even though I had a hard time with FaZe, the 12-round comeback of Map 1 (from 15-7 to 15-19) was also a baffling (5) overtime win in map 2 – the problem still lingers in the camp. .

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FaZes unfortunate run-in with covid forced them to play three different rosters. The campaign was launched with FaZe and jks Savage to replace Robin ropz Kool after ropz had covid for tested positive February 9 2022.

FaZe was able to return to their full roster on January 19th ahead of their match against Fnatic and Navi, before the game was successful. Havard’s longest player, Nygaard, had tests, unfortunately, the following day. The team had to pull jacks off the bench, this time playing ropz and removing rain.

Even though they all failed to get through, FaZe was able to turn multiple roles across aussie stand-ins, including well-known stand-out performers like Russell Twistzz Van Dulken and The Latvian Sniper Helvijs Broky Saukants, who managed a remarkably impressive rating. It made him the top player in the entire event according to the HLTV Players’ ratings, making him the DHL MVP award.

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Upon emergence of English-speaking international rosters, and by IEM Katowice, the results are very exciting, especially for countries like the UK with a small talent pool where limited opportunities are limited to field national rosters competing on an international level.

The competition is not just FaZe for a huge win, but also a win for international rosters, when the two grand-finalists of the teams are fielding a wide range of international rosters and English-speaking speakers. These have historically had less success than the typical single nationality / native speaking rosters. That is the dominant theme in the entire history of the game: the Russian / Ukrainian Navi, and the likes of Danish stars like Astralis, Brazils legendary SK Gaming and Sweden’s dominant Fnatic roster, just to name a few.

With an eye on the IEM Katowice grand finale, two international rosters (including coaches), the following 10 nationalities were present:

  • Australia (jks, FaZe)
  • Bosnia (huNter-, NiKo-, both G2) (huNter-, NiKo-, both G2).
  • Canada (Twistzz, FZe)
  • Denmark (Karrigan, FaZe): Denmark (karrigan, Mazso).
  • Estonia (fum, wsp) (pix, rohmse)
  • Finland (Aleksib, G2) (Aleksib, G2).
  • France (AMANEK, JACKZ, both G2): “Beat!
  • Latvia (blilliant, fZe)
  • Russia (m0NESY, G2)
  • Swedish (RobbaN, FaZe)
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The German-speaking international rosters of the emergence, and their success here at IEM Katowice is very exciting, especially for countries like the UK, which have a smaller talent pool, where they compete on an international level.

In this way, the number one players on the map have all gone to the international level with a competition, with many such as OGs Mateusz and Coalesces Thomas Utting and Fnatics William Mezii, Alex ALEX McMeekin and the recent Benched Owen smooya Butterfield.

FaZe and G2 this weekend, I really need a prospect of these international rosters. These raises questions about whether we can see more of them in the future, while the smaller region’s biggest market is in the UK, where players compete in high-level competition.

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