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IQ Dungeon is a Puzzle, Adventure, and Single-player video game for Mobile Devices. It puts you into the role of a hero who needs to embark on a journey to save a princess and battle against enemies while searching for hidden objects to complete the level. There are over 100 levels available, and we have already completed the first 100 levels of solutions. If you are new to the game and don’t know how to play it, start reading the solution to the first article link given at the end of the game. Furthermore, you can find answers to the IQ Dungeon Level 101 to 110, then keep reading it.

IQ Dungeon Level 101 – Make the Largest Number

The game displays four digits and makes the most significant number by moving only one number.

  • Hold the number “6” and make it upside down using your two fingers to make the largest number. As you turn the 6 into 9, level 101 will complete and unlock level 102.

IQ Dungeon Level 102 – Escape from the Room

You are in a room where two guards are deployed to look after the exit door. Your ultimate goal is to help the magician escape the room, but finding the way to trap both guards is mandatory.

  • There are three different blocks available that you can move in a sequence. Move the boxes so that the guards can’t move to catch you, and you can escape the room quickly.

  • To find the solution, you can see the image given above.

IQ Dungeon Level 103 – Sneak into Temple

The game takes you to the pyramids of Egypt, where you are tasked with getting into the temple. Going into the temple won’t be easy as two guards are already standing for security.

  • To get into the temple, you have to drag the sun to bring the moon.
  • As you bring the moon into the sky, both guards will be asleep, and you can drag the magician to the pathway.

IQ Dungeon Level 104 – Make the Left and Right Weights the Same

IQ Dungeon Level 104 will test your puzzle-solving skills as it introduces an interesting puzzle wherein your objective is to make both sides of the weight machine equal. The task isn’t easy to complete as it seems because the game features four different boxes, and adequately keeping them will help you balance both sides.

  • Keep both the smallest and the largest box on the right side while dragging the rest of the box on the left side.
  • After that, select the magician and put it on the right side to balance both sides and complete the IQ Dungeon Level 104.

IQ Dungeon Level 105 – Advance to the Next Room

Once again, the game takes you inside the temple, where escaping the room is your ultimate job. There are movable boxes available, along with three security guards.

Your objective is to use the boxes to trap the guards and clear the path to escape.

IQ Dungeon Level 106 – Advance to the Next Room

Although moving on to the next room is your primary objective, you have to think twice about reaching the second floor. There’s no ladder and any other objects available that you can use to solve the puzzle. Therefore, read IQ Dungeon Level 106 Walkthrough Guide to get help.

  • As you control a magician who can use the spell to do anything, drag the magician and reach the right side of the room.
  • After that, draw the line from the lamps and connect it to the magician’s stick to make steps visible.
  • Use steps to reach the upper floor and do the same to reach the exit point.

IQ Dungeon Level 107 – Make the Left and Right Side the Same

Once again, the game lets you complete the challenge you have already completed. This time, the game repositions the boxes, and no magician is surrounding the boxes. Therefore, you should investigate the scene and find the best solution or read the IQ Dungeon Level 107 Guide to get the answer.

  • Before adding the boxes, we suggest breaking one of them into two pieces.
  • Once you have four different boxes available, start adding the boxes on the weight machine to make both sides equal.
  • Furthermore, you can see the image given above to find how to set boxes.

IQ Dungeon Level 108 – Open the Door

It could be challenging for those players who are new to the game. There are almost six keys available on the floor of different designs, and your ultimate goal is to open the door using any method or key.

  • Instead of trying different keys to unlock the key, go and select the key with a square design and place the arrow on the lock to open the door.

IQ Dungeon Level 109 – Advance to the Next Room

After completing two levels of the same type, you are a master now and can solve the IQ Dungeon Level 109 without any help. There are six different boxes available, and you can move each easily by dragging. Your only aim is to clear the path and move your character out to the room.

  • Move boxes to trap the security guards and reach the exit point to escape the room.

IQ Dungeon Level 110 – Open the Door

IQ Dungeon Level 110 comes with a magician who needs your help to open the door. There’s nothing to use, except a desk containing a book.

  • Click on the book kept above the platform and find the missing number to unlock the door.
  • Enter 2 to unlock the door and go through it to escape the IQ Dungeon Level 110.

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