IQ Dungeon Level 111 to 120 Walkthrough


Indeed, you will know that the game ends a story in 10 levels; Similarly, you have to solve puzzles continuing the plot where the previous level has left, but it isn’t happening with all levels. You should hone your detective skills, and finding the solutions going out of the box is mandatory; otherwise, you won’t succeed. Read IQ Dungeon Level 111 to 120 Walkthrough Guide to get answers and solutions.

IQ Dungeon Level 111 – Solve the Sphinx Questions

Once again, the magician appears on the scene to request your help. This time, you have to tap the statue and solve a tricky puzzle. To eliminate the problem, you need to find the missing image and place to unlock the next level.

  • Under the images given on the board, you need to fix the image following the clues to solve the puzzle.
  • Bird + Fish = Owl
  • Ant + Bird = Octopus
  • Bull + Man = Ant
  • Answering all the questions may help you solve the problem.

IQ Dungeon Level 112 – The Bigger

You should read the instruction/title that appears on the screen at the start of the level to understand your puzzle and find the solution. This time, the game displays the following line “The Bigger, the less you see – What’s it.”

  • This time, your answer is darkness, and your objective is to tap the darkness between the octopus and the man.
  • Pinch out your fingers after holding the darkness and spread it across the screen to solve the puzzle.

IQ Dungeon Level 113 – Save Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte is in danger, and she needs your help to get free. Instead of Magician, the game features a knight holding a sword, ready to save the character. You have only 30 seconds to save the princess; otherwise, the game ends.

  • Drag the knight and put it on the floor several times until the knight’s suit gets broken.
  • Now, lead the knight underwater environment and attack the octopus using the sword to save the princess.
  • Bring the princess up and complete the IQ Dungeon Level 113.

IQ Dungeon Level 114 – Go to the Top Floor

The game takes you to the new room, where a new challenge awaits you. After saving the princess, you have been trapped in a new difficulty wherein you must climb upstairs to reach the top floor. This time, using your one finger won’t help as both are required for completing IQ Dungeon Level 114.

  • Firstly, you need to lead both characters to the second floor, where you see the water suddenly started to flow.
  • Use your finger and hold the window to stop the water; meanwhile, use the second finger to drag both characters to reach the third floor.
  • Overcome the next hurdle following the same way; however, as you go a bit ahead, there’s a new problem, and you must jump over a massive gap.
  • Wait for a while until the starfish appears on the scene. Drag the fish and place it between two broken steps, and go through it to reach the next floor.

IQ Dungeon Level 115 – Catch a Golden Big Fish

In IQ Dungeon Level 115, your character sits on the boat waiting for a fish. The game features two arrow buttons on the bottom-right corner of the screen, and using them may help you solve the puzzle.

  • To catch the big fish, you have to start with the smaller one, then catch a bit bigger, and finally catch the golden fish to solve the IQ Dungeon Level 115.

IQ Dungeon Level 116 – Let’s Divide the same shape and size

IQ Dungeon Level 116 comes with a fish that your character has caught in the previous level; now, it’s your responsibility to divide the fish in half by selecting the particular pieces. If you are confused and don’t get your hands-on solution, see the image below to learn how to complete IQ Dungeon Level 116.

  • To solve the level, you have to tap the right side area as the first two pieces of on the top, the one piece in the second row, and two and three pieces in the third and fourth rows, respectively.

IQ Dungeon Level 117 – Connect 4 Ropes

In IQ dungeon Level 117, you have to draw a line to connect four ropes and attach them in a way no one collides with each other and with other objects.


  • You have to draw the line from the first pillar on the left side and take it to the last on the top of the screen. For further connections, see the image given above.

IQ Dungeon Level 118 – Connect 4 Ropes to keep Houses

IQ Dungeon Level 118 is almost similar to level 117, but completing the puzzle is different, though the mechanics are the same. You have to draw the line to attach four ends of each rope; meanwhile, avoid colliding.

  • This time, you have to start connecting the ropes from the top of the screen instead of the bottom.

IQ Dungeon Level 119 – Defend the Castle

Get ready to play the Tower Defense video game in the IQ Dungeon Level 119. The game introduces a cannon at the bottom of the screen while showing you a checkboard map of several boxes. Enemies are coming slowly, and you have to deploy your cannon to smash enemies timely.

  • When playing the game, your objective is to increase the number of weapons to fend off waves of enemies from attacking your castle.
  • If enemies reach the cantle, the game ends, and the player has to play from the start.

IQ Dungeon Level 120 – Move the Ship

There’s a ship that you must move using your wit. To find the solution, keep reading the IQ Dungeon Walkthrough.

  • Firstly, you have to collect four people who can use the paddle to move the ship.
  • You can get two people from the boat on the left and the third one from the right side boat.
  • To find the last person, you should go underwater, slide the massive box to discover the fourth person, and bring it out.
  • Now, you have collected the four people who have started to move the ship.

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