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IQ Dungeon Level 121 to 130 Walkthrough



IQ Dungeon is continuously increasing its difficulty level; therefore, you find a new and tricky challenge with unlocking each new level. This time, most levels are related to the boat, and a few are focused on saving someone. Whether you have to find, save, or draw a path, puzzle-solving skills are mandatory. The outcome is unexpected and fun to see. Start helping heroes save the world from being smashed as orcs and many other deadly creatures have decided to take over the land. Read our IQ Dungeon Level 121 to 130 Walkthrough Guide to find all solutions and answers.

IQ Dungeon Walkthrough Guide – Level 121 to 130

We’ve covered solutions to 10 levels, ranging from 121 to 130. Read the solution below each level title to find the answer and complete the stage.

IQ Dungeon Level 121 to 130

Going through the Strait is your IQ Dungeon Level 21, wherein the game displays your board and several rocks to avoid. A flag is your destination, and reaching the set location may help you unlock level 122.

  • To complete IQ Dungeon Level 121, you have to draw a line from the boat to the exit point without colliding the rocks or lifting your finger.

IQ Dungeon Level 122 Solution

Calm the Storm is your IQ Dungeon Level 122, wherein you will see the magician and other people trapped in a deadly storm, and coming out of it seems impossible; therefore, you should jump in to find the solution and bring all people out safely.

  • You should scroll up the screen to reach the stars and make the boat’s shape using them.

  • Draw your finger to draw a boat, as shown in the image given above, to solve the puzzle.

IQ Dungeon Level 123 Solution

Once again, the game offers you a similar puzzle to level 121, but with increased difficulty. This time, you have to reach the spot where the flag is placed, but avoid the stones and a massive ship.

  • Firstly, you have to draw the path for the boat and make two to three circles between two rocks.
  • After that, you must draw the line for the ship and draw circles next to it and lead the line to the end.
  • Wait and see how both boats reach their locations.

IQ Dungeon Level 124 Solution

Defend the Castle is your IQ Dungeon Level 124, and solving the puzzle may help you reach level 125. We already have played the same type of tower defense game. Your objective is to use the cannon and attack upcoming waves of enemies; meanwhile, keep increasing the number of cannons using the “+” buttons.

  • Your objective is to shoot upcoming enemies and increase cannons’ numbers to survive longer and complete the level.

IQ Dungeon Level 125 Solution

Finding the Library is your goal in the IQ Dungeon Level 125. The game features a button at the bottom-right corner of the screen, and hitting the button may help you control the boat on the sea.

  • Drag the screen to bring the boat close to the mountain and hit the arrow button to complete the level.

IQ Dungeon Level 126 Solution

This time, the game is tasked with getting the Legendary Pegasus Book. There are two different arrows available, and the game features two characters, such as a knight and a monkey.

  • Attack the monkey’s tail with the hook and hit the down arrow button.
  • Lead the monkey till the end, where he might discover a book on the table and then tap the up button to bring the monkey out of the water.

IQ Dungeon Level 127 Solution

Are you ready to find Pegasus in Level 127? If so, you should search for the hidden object the game has mentioned below the title and unlock the IQ Dungeon Level 128.

  • To find the Pegasus, you have to hit the back button to reach the lobby where the game displays all levels.
  • Now, bring the sun behind the massive mountain and wait for the Pegasus. The IQ Dungeon Level 127 will get completed as it appears on the screen.

IQ Dungeon Level 128 Solution

Gordon is in trouble and needs your help. Many people are on the boat, and a massive octopus has just attacked the house. You have to read our IQ Dungeon Level 28 Walkthrough Guide to solve the level.

  • To complete level 128, you must select and rotate the monster using your two fingers.
  • Next, aim and shoot the monster’s eye to end up the level.

IQ Dungeon Level 129 Solution

Once again, the game takes you to a new scene where your objective is to rescue Patrick. Saving people isn’t easy as a massive monster has already caught one of three characters.

  • To save Patrick, you have to keep attacking the dragon and step back, hitting the down button whenever you find the drag will attack you.
  • Keep repeating the process until you kill the drag and save Patrick.

IQ Dungeon Level 130 Solution

In IQ Dungeon Level 130, you have to defeat the Kraken, the octopus monster. This time, you have three characters to control, and each has a health bar over their heads; meanwhile, the monster is more powerful than ever and won’t show mercy. Three highlighted points can be seen on the screen, so keep attacking there to defeat the beast.

  • Select all characters one by one and attack the monster. Keep the pattern of the monster attacking in mind and bring the character back to the castle as you find the monster is attacking.
  • Attacking the monster may deplete its health bar, and once it reaches zero, the monster will die.

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