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IQ Dungeon is a Puzzle and Single-player video game released by Hirameku for Mobile Devices. It introduces pretty simple graphics but challenging puzzles to solve. There are over 150 levels available, and we have already completed levels 1 to 130. During the game, your objectives usually revolve around defeating the goblin, opening the dungeon doors, and helping the princess out. It is designed for those players who love playing Tricky, Classic, and Funny Puzzles. Get ready to embark on an epic journey to a world full of unique and intellectual adventures. Furthermore, read our IQ Dungeon Level 131 to 140 Walkthrough Guide to get answers and solutions.

IQ Dungeon Level 131 Solution

Are you ready to catch the fish as your objective in IQ Dungeon Level 131? The game displays you the wire of a fishing rod, along with a hook. Two different buttons are also featured that you can use to control the wire and catch the fish to become the master.

  • You must bring the hook between fishes and wait until they eat the food attached. Once done, one fish will appear and get stuck, then pull the wire to complete the challenge.

IQ Dungeon Level 132 Solution

In IQ Dungeon Level 132, your objective is to get ready for a ceremony of the Leader. Four characters are standing on the rug waiting for someone. As you side scroll the scene, many other characters appear on the spot.

  • Here, your objective is to drag each character and place it to its proper position, highlighted with a yellow circle.
  • Let’s start with the right side, where you have to deploy armies and their commander. Next, place the magician and the character on the left side of the army.
  • After that, you need to place the king in the main position and the knight next to his knee.
  • At last, place the princess, the character with a vast cap, on the king’s left side.
  • Once you place all characters, the level gets completed by unlocking the next one.

IQ Dungeon Level 133 Solution

Your hero has been trapped in the darkness, and he needs your help to bring himself out. No ways will be discovered until you jump in and use your puzzle-solving skills. If you are out of ideas and didn’t get any clue, read our IQ Dungeon Level 133 Walkthrough as it helps you complete the level.

  • Drag the character upwards until you discover a pond. Once you reach there, a shiny rope will appear on the spot that you can use to complete the level.

IQ Dungeon Level 134 Solution

Reaching the Tower is your ultimate goal while sailing a boat. The challenge could be difficult to solve this time as you have to collect numbers by dragging your boat and defeat dark enemies lower in number than you.

  • When sailing the boat, you should be careful as the game offers you two options, such as Multiplier and Numbers.
  • Go through the numbers to improve your performance and constantly collide with dark hands with lower numbers than you.
  • Furthermore, we suggest you go with a multiplier to win with high numbers.

IQ Dungeon Level 135 Solution

Hungry wolves are on the way, and you have to enter the Tower at any cost. Use your brain to find the solution and get rid of hungry animals.

  • Scroll up the screen to discover clocks and move their needles forward to fall wolves asleep.
  • Go back down and start dragging your character across to the screen to confirm whether hungry wolves have slept or not. Once verified, get into the tower and complete the puzzle.

IQ Dungeon Level 136 Solution

There are almost six different enemies available on the grid-based map, and you have only two heroes to use and defeat all. It would help if you used your wits to find the solution and complete the IQ Dungeon Level 136 at any cost.

  • Firstly, drag the knight and place it on the left side between enemies to smash them.
  • In the next step, place the second hero to defeat the rest of the enemies.

IQ Dungeon Level 137 Solution

IQ Dungeon Level 137 comes with a new challenge, wherein your objective is to get out of the exit at any cost to reach level 138. There is nothing except two lamps. The second lamp seems upside down.

  • To solve IQ Dungeon Level 137, you have to rotate your phone and bring everything upside down along with heroes.
  • Now, drag the heroes to the exit point and complete the level.

IQ Dungeon Level 138 Solution

In IQ Dungeon Level 138, you have to tell the girl about what’s happening to Abel. The room displays a girl crying, keeping her head over her hands on the bed. Only a limited circle is highlighted to show the girl, while the rest of the area is dim.

  • To complete the level, you have to tap the burger icon on the top right corner of the screen and connect levels 138 to 137, as shown in the image above.
  • Connecting both levels may let heroes join the girl and tell her everything.

IQ Dungeon Level 139 Solution

Now, your objective is to help the girl Escape from the Room, but it’s not as easy as it seems. Therefore, you should use your detective skills and work your way to find the solution. Read the steps mentioned below to learn how to complete IQ Dungeon Level 139.

  • To complete the level, you have to tap and hold the key on the table and bring it close to the drawer on the left side to open it.
  • Tap the drawer to discover a device asking to add three different shapes to unlock it.

  • Select the photo frame from the table and bring it close to the mirror to see shapes on its backside.
  • Enter the same shapes on the device fixed with the drawer and unlock it

IQ Dungeon Level 140 Solution

Both heroes are available on the scene, waiting for you to help them open the door. The game features a locked door and sets a unique puzzle next. To find the IQ Dungeon Level 140 Solution, keep reading the guide.

  • The game displays you a board holding several pieces, and your objective is to attach those pieces to complete the word.

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