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After completing IQ Dungeon Levels 1 to 140, is back with another guide to help you reach the end. It is the best puzzle mixed adventure game where you have a chance to become the detective and the knight who loves to help others. Each level is unique and comes with challenging puzzles; sometimes, the environment is the same, but the introduced puzzle is unique. To find all answers and solutions, read our IQ Dungeon Level 141 to 150 Walkthrough that contains all solutions and answers.

IQ Dungeon Level 141 Solution

Get ready to command your heroes to the exit door. The IQ Dungeon Level 141 is tricky; however, we already have completed the same puzzle, but in the opposite direction.

  • You can complete the puzzle by merely turning/rotating your phone.
  • Firstly, drag the character to the next platform and rotate your phone to bring them on another side.
  • Select and drag heroes to the top platform and rotate your phone to get the key and reach the exit door.

IQ Dungeon Level 142 Solution

Defeating enemies is mandatory when you visit IQ Dungeon Level 142. You only have two turns that you can use to defeat enemies.

  • Drag your hero to the board and place it between enemies to smash them.
  • Now, do the same with the second hero to kill the rest of the enemies.

IQ Dungeon Level 143 Solution

This time, the IQ Dungeon Level 143 comes with a complicated puzzle wherein your objective is to set numbers following the multiplication signs.

  • There are different tiles of Roman Numbers available, and your objective is to place them properly to get the expected answers.
  • Furthermore, you can see the attached image to find the solution.

IQ Dungeon Level 144 Solution

Are you ready to battle against the Lich-Head at the IQ Dungeon Level 144? If so, polish your weapon and jump into the battlefield, where you have to win the fight using your puzzle-solving skills.

  • Use handles fixed on pillars to bring enemies out, and with the help of your enemies, you can jump higher.
  • Firstly, you must use your powerful hero to carry on the second one and throw it toward the handle to bring the enemy out.
  • Secondly, do it with the second handle, and now, you have to aim and set aim on both enemies to make your approach to the Lich-head.

IQ Dungeon Level 145 Solution

In IQ Dungeon Level 145, Abel needs your help to find Clues. You should use your detective skills to discover clues and bring the solution to unlock the next level.

  • Before taking any action, don’t forget to pick up a key inside the book.
  • Firstly, you need to type Bookshelf and rotate your phone to get both cupboards away.
  • Secondly, rotate your phone on the opposite side to discover a vault.
  • Now, drag the princess to the vault and open it to get a scroll.

IQ Dungeon Level 146 Solution

IQ Dungeon Level 146 brings a problematic challenge to complete as it lets you find the Secret Stairs in the open field where only a statue is available holding two enemies.

  • Slide the screen on the right side and drag the tree to get an object like a cloud.
  • Bring the cloud at the height to make it charge and then bring it on the statue to kill the enemy.
  • Now, do the same with the second enemy and push the statue to discover hidden stairs.

IQ Dungeon Level 147 Solution

The princess needs your help to get the Mighty Sword in the IQ Dungeon Level 14. The game takes place in a room where only three objects are available, such as Sword, Candles, and Painting.

  • Slide the painting to reveal the puzzle and add blocks with no space left there.

IQ Dungeon Level 148 Solution

Are you ready to fly and reach the Church? If yes, you will play a mini-game that you have played in the previous stages of the journey. Your objective is to keep your numbers high while fighting against enemies lower in numbers than you.

  • This time, your character will move from right to the side and collect numbers to improve your skills.
  • Keep fighting enemies until you reach the end.

IQ Dungeon Level 149 Solution

After getting the mighty sword, your objective is to deliver the same sword to Abel. Nothing can help you remove the coffin; therefore, we jump in to help you with IQ Dungeon Level 149.

  • Start completing the puzzle by shaking your phone. When you discover a lid, remove it by sliding your finger on it.
  • Once done, give the sword you recently collected to the man and complete the puzzle.

IQ Dungeon Level 150 Solution

The game displays you two heroes in the dark this time, and escaping the area is your ultimate goal. To complete the puzzle, read the IQ Dungeon Level 150 Walkthrough Guide.

  • Open up the small bag near the knight on the left side to get three different coins.
  • Using the Gold Coin may help you wake up the knight; meanwhile, using the Blue coin with the F sign can help you wake up the second knight.
  • Now, use the third coin and fix it on the enemies floating at the height to light up the area.
  • Select the hero and throw it up to get a key that you need to escape level 150.

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