Is Green Man Gaming a Safe and Legit Site to Buy Games? Answered


If you’re looking to expand your PC games library, you might have stumbled upon or heard of Green Man Gaming. This site offers players the chance to buy everything from small indie games right up to the latest AAA releases, often at a slightly discounted price. As a result of this, the authenticity of the site has often come into question by potential customers. Green Man Gaming is a safe and legit place to buy games.

Is GMG Legit?

Yes, Green Man Gaming, or GMG as it’s also referred to, is a well-respected, safe and legitimate site you can buy from over 6000 PC games. It also sells some digital codes for Xbox titles, too.

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Green Man Gaming was founded in the UK in 2009 by Paul Sulyok and Lee Packham and officially started selling games in 2010.

The site has gone on to grow exponentially, with more than 1350 publishers publishing their games for sale in 195 countries using 140 payment systems and supporting 18 currencies.

In 2015, the site was discussing selling unauthorized keys. However, the GMG clarified that the majority of the keys were sold directly to publishers, with the occasional need to offer games to publishers with direct access to commercial restrictions.

Following these accusations, the company then added a ‘Source’ section on each game’s store page, stating where the keys are being sold. In almost every case, you’ll notice that the publisher is listed here, such as in The The Outer Wilds example below.

With all of this in mind, you can rest assured that you’re not about to get scammed with a fake code or have your credit card stolen.

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