Is Square Enix Music Final Fantasy DMCA Safe?


Square Enix has a vast library of excellent soundtracks across many of its most popular games, and especially its esteemed Final Fantasy series. As such, some players may be wondering whether or not Square Enix and Final Fantasy music is DMCA safe and copyright-free, so you can feature it in your streams or other gaming videos. Here’s everything you need to know.

Does Square Enix Music Fall Under DMCA?

Unfortunately, it would appear that Square Enix and Final Fantasy Music does fall under the DMCA. Or at least, the music is not free from copyright from the company.

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As such, it’s not recommended that you try and use music during any stream or part of your own remixes.

The official Square Enix Music YouTube channel is releasing more official lo-fi versions of some of their game’s soundtracks this past week.

You know all those ‘lo-fi chill beats to study and relax’ videos you see all over YouTube? Well, many of the tracks from Final Fantasy are a favorite choice for this type of music. You can check out an example below.

If you click on the video above and head over to YouTube, you’ll find the video’s description that all tracks are under Square Enix copyright, and as such would fall under the DMCA – The Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

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If you want to change this front, we’ll update this post and let you know, but for now, the short answer is that Square Enix Final Fantasy Music is not DMCA safe, or at least it should be assumed that you you want to avoid any copyright strikes.

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