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Is Total War: Warhammer 3 coming to Xbox Game Pass?

The Total War: Warhammer series has been everything they could hope for fans of turn-based strategy games and fantasy motifs. With strange and unique races, siege systems, and heroes that anyone could fall in love with. With the upcoming Total War: Warhammer III, players will be able to take their battles to beautiful new locations fully optimized thanks to the game’s range in quality of life improvements.

So how will fans play this game? Of course, they could always pre-order the game or purchase it outright for 59.99 plus tax, but not everyone can afford that on release day. So instead, many wonder if the game will be coming as part of the Xbox Game Pass.

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Is Total War: Warhammer III coming to Xbox Game Pass?

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According to the Game Pass page on Xbox and PC, Total War: Warhammer III will be coming to Xbox Game Pass as a day one release on February 17th. This means that any players who want the game can sign up for a free trial or continue to pay for a Game Pass subscription. Not only will this mean more players for the game, but it’s also a win for Xbox and the players that this game will win over.

Warhammer fans skeptical about Game Pass are sure to give it a second glass after seeing the heavily discounted opportunity to play the newest entry. Total War: Warhammer III coming to Xbox Game Pass also means more multiplayer options for a game built on player battles and campaigns.

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Microsoft’s Day One Exclusives

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With the recent boom in Game Pass success and Microsoft acquisitions, it should come as no shock that Microsoft would offer such a popular game on day one of its release. In the last year, it’s done the same with Psychonauts 2, Back 4 Blood, and Halo Infinite, with more confirmed for this year too. If Microsoft’s acquisitions and releases can keep up this momentum, there’s no telling how their subscription platform will change the way we play games.

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For now, players can learn about the different races and heroes while they make their battle plans. In addition, playing the prequels will help re-familiarize players with the game before they launch onto the battlefield and unleash familiar mayhem, even if they are not available on Game Pass.

Whether players pre-order the game or hop on Xbox and PC Game Pass on day one, the Realm of Chaos and all its inhabitants will be causing havoc to Warhammer in just a few days.

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