Jason Momoa said that He is the Villain in Fast and Furious 10!

Actor Jason Momoa confirmed that he is playing the villain in The Tenth Fast and Furious Movie. Momoa said about his new role and went to Entertainment Weekly. She confirmed that she had a new role.

“I’m going to go” Fast 10, ‘that’s’ll be fun, it’ll be fun, I get to play the bad guy, which I haven’t done for a while.’ Now I’ll be the bad boy. It’s a very flamboyant bad boy, ”said the actor.

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It’s an uncharacteristic heel turn for the actor who has played mostly superheroes in films like Aquaman, Justice League and Netflix’s See and Frontier. His change of mind led Henry Cavill, a reluctant ally of the Justice League, to the imminent antagonist of The Evil: Fallout. Recently Momoa was named after his loyal ally and military commando Duncan Villeneuve’s Dune in Duncan Idaho.

It’s a long time for a bad guy to look like Momoa’s chops. Fast forward to May 2023, a day since May 10. Co-star Vin Diesel with an infamously prolonged fallout after Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson won’t appear again.

The Fast And Furious Movies70 Images From The Sickest Moments.

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Check out the Fast and Furious franchise of the dumbest moments.

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