Johto relics more than 750 million Pokemon during Pokemon Go players

The first big event of the year was the 2022. The Infamous Kanto Tour, which was a very successful success, but also had several problems. Until early indications appear that the Johto Tour was also a huge hit, which means we can expect Pokemon Go to a different region every year, then coincide with Pokemon Day, if the competition goes against it.

If you like the Johto Tour, Niantic has published statistics that highlight it. There’s a huge amount of Pokemn training caught. More than 750 million people. That’s as far as we’ve had two Pokemon Go Fests. Unlike a “Most or Both” event, the Johto Tour was an event, and rather a “do-it-yourself” event.

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On the other hand, Pokemon should go 2!

Trainers took over one hundred million kilometers to catch the huge and huge number of Pokemon, so they were doing more than half an hour’s research. Once you have completed the field research available, you will have access to master research. Shadow Lugia and Shadow Ho-Oh upon completion with more than a day to complete, and reward trainers with more elaborate tasks.

Wild Legendaries made Pokemon Go Tour Johto much better.

Niantic rarely rests when it comes to Pokemon Go, and while the Johto Tour just happened, the mobile game has already moved on. Sun & Moon is the first time via the Niantic celebrated region when the Alola of the season begins this week. Some trainers are pleased with some of the changes that have been made with the new season, but it seems that the efficiency has been severely nerfed.

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Some of you were so busy contributing to the 750 million Pokemon caught during the Johto Tour and thereby losing everything else in the world of Pokemon games. A Pokemon Presents, which aired on Sunday, said Gen 9 will be coming to an end by 2022, and emailed to other users by the new game Scarlet & Violet. Some more Pokemon would eventually be added to the Pokemon Go if we got a chance to meet and train them later this year.

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